We’re Hiring – BrainHive’s HR & Recruitment Needs

Come Work for the Good Guys in the Startup Consulting Sphere

At BrainHive, we have a myriad opportunities for you to become involved either as a freelancer, partner, intern or volunteer.

By far the highest demand in our line of consulting work is for business ghostwriting services. If you are interested in becoming a business plan, grant or prospectus writer, definitely send us an e-mail and we we’ll either send you your first project in about a week or put your contact info into our database for future reference.

BrainHive’s demand for freelancers is always rolling, so that means in some seasons we have a very high demand and then in other seasons you will receive less work from us. Apart from following our quality and communication standards that we teach via 1-on-1 onboarding and our internal handbooks, you are very flexible in the way you want to work. We will guide and train you and give you time to become a great business plan writer, which is also really useful if you want to own your own business one day.

BrainHive: An Ideal Work Environment for the Honest & Enterprising

BrainHive, founded 2007 in Germany with offices in Munich and London, is a business ghostwriting and pitch documentations agency with long-standing ties in the tech and impact sphere and a current headcount of roughly a dozen specialists, about half of them remote workers.

As an organization, we strive to eliminate business planning hurdles for ethical entrepreneurship in the world and deliver each project offered to us with sharpest edge to obtain the funding, partners and permits it deserves.

As a workplace, we empower and invest in our people as we grow together, consistently sharing a passion for productivity in a pleasant and forthcoming communication atmosphere. We believe in decent remuneration, ample feedback and the possibility to evolve in terms of skill level both vertically and horizontally.

Apply Today, Start Working the Next Week

Write us today and receive an answer within 48 hours. You might find your first project in your inbox within only a couple of days after we could assess your contribution abilities via our application questionnaire and the onboarding interview.

Don’t be shy, join the Hive and become part of one of the world’s most agile and innovative business planning consultancies, striving in united efforts to enable entrepreneurs to build a better world for us, with us and through us.

Best regards

Joachim Görbert,
BrainHive Founder & CEO


General Skills Required & Incentives

What we need from you:

  • ► Good handle on common tools such as WordPress, Outlook, MS Office etc.
  • ► Fast response and professional communication
  • ► Basic SEO knowledge is of great advantage
  • ► Business fluency in German and English


Why work for BrainHive?

  • ► Easy-going, colloquial vibe
  • ► Efficient, productive environment
  • ► Over-average pay
  • ► Fast growth, so you learn a lot and you’re set to receive more responsibilities, exciting tasks and earn more, too
  • ► Good reference if you should find yourself looking for the next challenge


Job Description Business Plan Writer

We have a demand for both German as well as English business plan writers. Native or extremely reliable business fluency is expected, we cannot have a lot of typos or grammar mistakes in the business plans.

Writers will receive:

1. Founders’ filled out questionnaire
2. Founders’ email correspondence
3. Founders’ CVs
4. Normally a template of an old business plan to use for text excerpts
5. Additional documents varying from plan to plan

And will be expected to use their knowledge, our instructions/templates and their own desktop research to come up with a professional business plan.

Financial plans are made by us, then packaged and merged with the business plans and then are sent to the client. What we need from the freelancer are the well-researched, well-written and well-contemplated written portion of the business plan.

Further Details upon hire.


Job Description Virtual Assistant

we’re looking for German / English speaking VAs for:

  • Research & Execution for outreach campaigns (for guest blogging and other related PR-tasks)
  • Building and managing social media channels
  • Content touchup, content creation and onpage SEO tasks
  • Related tasks to generally make managing consultants’ life easier and enable us to focus still more on strategic expansion