Volunteering and Internships with BrainHive

Want to Volunteer at one of our Projects?

At our lab in Panajachel, Guatemala, we develope digital arts projects and educate about cutting edge hard- and software technology. The space itself was built following eco-principals and is continuously being modified to one day be operated as if it was fully off-grid.

There are also always remote volunteering / Internship possibilities. Please contact us via info@brainhive.de!

We accept volunteers at our physical facilities (BrainHive JungleLab, Panajachel / Yggdrasil Art School, San Marcos la Laguna / SolReign Impact Center, Tzununa) to help with the following things:

  • – Gardening
  • – Building
  • – General Maintenance
  • – Cooking / shopping
  • – Help with Eco project
  • – Help in the house
  • – Helping with Tourists
  • – Charity work
  • – Language practice
  • – Art project
  • – Help with Computers / internet
  • – Teaching
  • – Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

You will benefit by getting to know not only the local business and NGO environment but also will you have the opportunity to immerse yourself with interesting technology ranging from virtual reality to electromobility and many other fun and productivity-enhancing gadgetry. You will also be able to do good things for the Atitlan lake which is a unique ecosphere but currently under a lot of environmental pressure.

Want to help make one of Guatemala’s most interesting coworking/coliving tech projects better?

You’ll have to put in at least 4h of smart work at least five days per week, and other than that be pretty much treated like any normal guest. Here are some examples of the type of work that you could be doing here at our site:

  • – gardening in our small permaculture medicine and herb garden
  • – helping us expand and improve our structures with better amenities and utilities
  • – get involved in our name in the local impact sphere and related public relations work for the project
  • – use our Digital Arts tools to design materials which will help us come up with entrepreneurial projects for the people in Panajachel
  • – help us with the daily maintenance of the space with your cooking and cleaning effort as well as other domestic chores
  • – get involved in the Environmental protection of the Atitlan lake ecosphere bye helping us understand better who is influencing the health of the lake and connecting with our Associates to Stage projects and events which raise awareness about this spectacular problem


Basic meals will be provided here at the space and we will be able to use the nearby market to always have enough provisions for energy replenishment throughout the day. Additional fancier snacks and drinks apart from our regular selection we have at home would be something that the volunteer would have to purchase.

Stay with us and be educated in the use of our advanced virtual reality system, electric unicycle, brainlight gear, sensory deprivation, night vision / parabol hearing and a whole bagful of other cool stuff. Expect your mind blown and your bodily needs appropriately tended too as you use the fully WiFi-pampered eco space where we have avoided no phantasy too crazy to make your stay an unforgettable experience. You can use our comfy kitchen and will be sleeping either on bunk beds or have your own little chamber in the rocks.

Solar showers and eco-toilets or conventional,due to our partnership with the Raul Vasquez Museum right next door. It’s your choice.

Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Accommodation: Depending on the amount of current guests, you’ll be sleeping anywhere from a normal bed to hammock to tent/sleeping bag.

Our little villages are fully stacked with restaurants and bars and there is a lively scene of expatriates and tourists that enjoy the music shows and smaller events. There are many excursion opportunities around the lake ranging from hiking to visiting the natural reserves. There are also many other impact projects in the other villages and there are workshops and courses taking place throughout the year.