T-T-R Services

Transliteration, translation and revision/lectorate by BrainHive always yield faultless results.

Transliteration turns spoken text (interviews, correspondence etc.) to written text. Upon request also direct translation to another language can be executed. Additionally, the transliteration of hand-written notes to electronic text is also offered.

BrainHive translates even most sophisticated texts between German, English and Spanish precisely, quickly and at formidable rates.

If you need website texts, academic texts or other texts to be proof-read, BrainHive is the ideal service-provider. After execution, your text will stand firm against even most critical inspection. A marked version will of course be made available to you, enabling you to track all changes applied.

BrainHive unites as a professional ghostwriting-agency all elements towards a best price/best quality unique selling proposition. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.