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Today, people are often looking for a coach who will support them not only in business coaching topics and start-up coaching, but also as a holistic coach in other areas of life. The terms are:

Success Coach: Coaching is characterized by the intention to achieve success, and exercises from masculinity coaching, rhetoric and bodywork are often found in these coaching programs.

Motivation trainer: Coaching is characterized by cultivation work and sometimes even NLP, mental exercises like “Chaka, you can do it!”, time management and goal setting, but of course more profound.

Personal Coach: This term is primarily related to athletics / bodybuilding and similar physical success coaching, but can also be characterized by mental exercises and control feedback loops.

Life coach: Often spiritual counseling, general life coaching , relationship coaching , philosophical & holistic mentoring, central themes are a search for purpose and the hedonistic-constructive element found in the individual’s essence when enveloping the ego / mental blockades are stripped off.

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Why do we at BrainHive Coaching, as we come from the field of business consulting, also want to move in the field of holistic coaching? Partially it is because more and more often nowadays a life business has to be established as a basic requirement for personal success and life satisfaction, and at the same time people looking for a motivational speaker from the other direction also often have entrepreneurial potential. The way in which human communication interacts with the client creates entirely different forms of coaching success, and sometimes even more valuable than a successful start-up.

In the following paragraphs we will clarify the question of what the benefits of successful coaching are and how the costs of the holistic coach are put together. We will also talk about the typical motivational training provided by BrainHive Coaching and some of the conditions that coaching clients should typically accomplish.

Unlike the other coaching disciplines that BrainHive Coaching tends to focus on, in terms of the rather exercise-based executive coaching or the rather technical financial coaching, in the beginning of a life coaching process, the personal interview is much more important than ever to clarify if we are the right people for your coaching needs. It is therefore of particular advantage if coaching clients get well informed of the orientation of BrainHive Coaching and can clarify for themselves whether we really suit work in such intimate areas as life coaching with our partially technical and mostly telephone based interactions. However, we are very good at what we do.

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Pitfalls of Success Coaching, Motivation Training and (Spiritual) Life Coaching

Very basic work with different energy centers, classifications of psychological patterns (Myers-Briggs personalities, Eneagram, depth psychology, human design, etc.) and more in-depth, sometimes psychic conversation and regular recording exercises are typically components of holistic coaching.

Depending on what the specific coaching floor plan and specific success goal of motivational coaching, the Success Coach must sometimes look deep into his knowledge toolkit and above all protect himself and the client from causing psychological damage. Unlike the coaching areas of BrainHive Coaching, which are more influenced by business risks, life coaching is much more intimate and requires the coaching client to open up.

In order to successfully accomplish the work on deep-seated blockages in the area of thought formation, subconscious (self-) communication and unconscious body language, the emotional connection between coach and client is not insignificant. The personal touch from which a truly significant piece of success is achieved, is only noticeable and resilient when certain cognitive bridges from the everyday consciousness transform into stable confidence.

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And here lies a very important point that is often overlooked in life coaching even by experienced life mentors: Primarily the emotions created and only secondarily the factual knowledge of certifications feed into the confidence of the client in the coach. The perceived value of the recommendations of (especially spiritual) life counseling are directly correlated with this confidence.

If the coaching client thinks a lot of his famous motivational speaker coaching master, it is far more likely that they will value the work so much that the exercises will be kept on as self-taught self-discipline. However, if the client’s own doubts are too strong and they translate into doubts about the coach themselves, then the coach will not have the ability to impliment their skills to the fullest of their potential. In this way, the pure motivational rush, which is partially takes part during “pep-talks”, will not be able to develop the same momentum that is necessary to reach a new level, because when the coach says “I believe in you” it doesn’t mean that much to the coachee. This development appears almost as a sort of terrace over a mountain overhang: laborious to get there, but enough space where you can eventually actually rest your weary legs, because the realization has set itself.


Transformation Through Life Coaching and Motivation Training

Nothing is of greater apparent benefit and, ultimately, more serious disadvantage than the coach who tries to stand with the players in the field and tries to do all the work. This does not transfer the truly effective practices, and more importantly, the underlying abstract thinking skills that make actual groundbreaking successes possible sustainably

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However, if the coaching client understands that the key to success is always in the heart and can be born and recovered from the soul via the stomach and from the head, nothing stands in the way of a life-changing transformation through a comparatively low investment. The fortune and power of leading one’s own life to higher spheres of perfection and development through the pursuit of fully realized and actual intrinsic motivation is a truly extraordinary skill.

Do not underestimate the fact that as part of holistic success coaching, spiritual life coaching and personal coaching are also available avenues of development. No matter the denomination / body state / age of the client, the physical and mental embodiment of certain coaching approaches are part of the repertoire of the holistic coach. In fact and thankfully, these are also the areas where there is usually an open flank to work on, while the sole rational and logical analysis of the problem of success sometimes fails to persist in stubborn blockages or even causes psychic dents in a “violence coaching” and reinforce existing blockages.


Cost of Success Coach / Motivation Training / (Spiritual) Life Coaching

While it is common in other motivational coaching practices to coach clients in time-limited, therapy-related coaching forms that often cost thousands of dollars and can drag on for months, we at BrainHive Coaching take a very different approach.

While a good and spiritually trained Life Coach, as well as professional psychological therapists or conversational therapists, often charge hourly rates of € 150 to € 300 (in other cases much more if it is a star coach), we offer numerous other opportunities for coaching sessions, often with trainees & mentoring beginners, who are also good conversation partners for smaller motivation problems. These work sometimes pro bono and otherwise already have entry-level programs from 200 € for multiple sessions or use individual sessions that are paid for under 75 € or by Sliding Scale Donation (Pay what you want) .There are also groups – success coaching, motivation training, events and a vast number of books and video courses, ranging from free to several thousand Euros.

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At BrainHive Coaching, we have put together our packages for success coaching from different performance components so that, provided the client does all the exercises and remembers the lessons of mentoring and training at critical moments, coaching succeeds. In doing so, we have tried to keep the costs of spiritual counseling so accessible that even clients with less significant coaching concerns can at least try out the quality and wholeness of success training through BrainHive Coaching.


Telephone Coaching2h4h8h12h
Video Coaching / Screen Sharing1h2h4h
Books / Programs depending on CaseUp to 4 books / programsUp to 8 books / programsUp to 12 books / programsUp to 24 books / programs
Recommendation Reporting*1 reportUp to 2 reportsUp to 4 reportsUp to 8 reports
Period1 month1-2 months2-4 months4-8 months
Exams1 exam2 examsUp to 5 examsUp to 8 exams
Survival Analysis2-3 pages3-5 pages6-10 pages
Life Business Coaching / Prosperity DesignOptional 1h2h4h
Suitable forSmaller orientations, trial coachingSerious reorientation / life transformationFirm intention of life transformationPeople with the highest life ambitions
Total Price870 €2,400 €3,600 €6,000 €
Min. Monthly price870 €1,200 €900 €750 €
Corresponds to total man-days * 1 man-day2 man-days 4 man-days5.5 man-days
Price ** / man-day870 €1,200 €900 €1,090.90 €


* = Length varies greatly, depending on the case, 1-2 pages are the minimum length.

** = The price includes all expenses and expenses, including the acquisition of training material, books, licenses, etc., and in some cases extra course participation or consultation of other experts.


Our experience has shown time and again that if a professional coaching performance has a reasonable price, the success of coaching is much easier. Due to our libraries and networks and our specialization in very different areas of life , which are crucial for success coaching, the potential profit of a success coaching with us corresponds to many times its cost. If the client finds motivation and thus his goal, it is often the case in hindsight that the acceptance of the cost of motivational coaching in BrainHive Coaching turns out to be the best deal for clients within a very short time.


Course of Motivation Training, Life Coaching or Success Coaching

Depending on which flavor the coaching takes on in the respective case (a motivational speaker coaching, for example, differs largely from personal coaching or spiritual counseling), the coaching discipline, as in the field of startup coaching, can be the reason for the original coaching to distinguish from what has arisen in the end as a result of coaching or as actual work done during the sessions. It is is the permanent communication between coach and client respectively and the necessary transformation that achieves the greatest progress.

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As mentioned at the beginning, the orientation discussion plays a decisive role in the initiation moment of the coaching, in order to allow a comprehensive overview and, as a result, a coaching approach to emerge. The chosen approach depends on the experience and the available tools, so that often different approaches are followed from coach to coach for the same problems. That’s why it’s so important to find a holistic coach.

In general, we at BrainHive Coaching use the same tools that are standard in the industry, such as the personality analysis in different schools: there are five or six, which are scanned by default, and a few more, depending on whether the coaching is more spiritual or rather worldly character .The coaching then usually goes straight into a coaching performance goal analysis, so that it can be clearly stated when success is achieved for the client. Despite the similarities between the initial work of Success Coach, Motivational Coach, Life Coach, and Spiritual Coach, the further course of work with each type of coaching is very different.

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With evaluations of the personality analysis and prehistory of the customer in hand, as well as their goal and desire conceptions concerning their success in life or the reduction of life-happiness-preventing blockages, the professional life coach is either alone with himself (in the spiritual life counseling we have also internal meditation, constellations or channeling work of the particular mentor) or in discussion with colleagues. The coach will then choose a coaching approach characterized either by therapeutic or intuitive-instinctive considerations, but the client will not directly disclose which path to follow.

It is part of the coaching work to create a map of the subconscious landscapes in the client’s psyche and to reveal them only at the end, in order to prevent psychological defense reflexes in the conversation work. Only during the development of the relationship between coach and client are “protective phrasing” and measures of rhetorical gentleness (non-violent communication) reduced, continuously and in accordance with the consensus of the client. Radical honesty in communication must always be coupled with radical compassion by the professional Success Coach. This is to prevent the already mentioned risks to the psyche and the binding capacity of some very lost human essences. The gradual intensification of the coaching impact, on the other hand, takes account of everyday hardship, and usually also ensures faster developments in the client.

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While the fruits from the buds and blossoms of the commonly cultivated beliefs may not be harvested right away during successful coaching, there are often very clear signs that coaching succeeds. Also, the ongoing dialogue between coach and client, as well as the transparency that arises from the client’s reporting commitments to the coach, (a kind of compulsory appointment in most coaching sessions) is in itself a framework and vehicle for achieving goals.

In this actual progress phase, the coach more often tries to increase the pace of development in motivational coaching and invites the clients to put their feet into the cold water again and again to confront the matter, which concerns the theme of success, with greater gusto. It is in this phase, that the Success Coach finds itself above all else in pure movements of cheering and more often comes to speak of the already achieved successes. This change can be expressed in very different ways, depending on what form the personal relationship between coach and client has assumed at that time.

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