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Impact Business Planning and Social Sustainability Through Culture and Technology

Two years have passed since BrainHive set up base in Guatemala, at the shores of the beautiful Lake Atitlan. Initially, this move was executed to support the local environmental impact projects, tell our story and publish case studies. But it has grown into so much more. Today we are registered with the NuMundo.org global impact directory as an eco-coworking space with a focus on Virtual Reality, and most of the partners we support can also be found with NuMundo, such as Tribal Village or Cosmic Convergence. It has become quite the impactpreneur’s party here at the shores of the Mayan world’s No. 1 marvel, the Atitlan Lake ecosphere, never a boring day, never an old conversation.

In this blog post I will talk about JungleLab’s (BrainHive’s Coworking space) virtual reality, and bringing virtual reality into the socio-cultural project sphere to achieve mental transformation processes in youths. Together with a local group, inspired by the initial PowerPoint presentation which I attach to this blog post, a summary of activities was derived by one strategic coordinator. This summary is also attached, even though in Spanish, but its contents can readily be extracted using machine translation by Google translate.

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20180730-Realidad Virtual_Cultura Guatemala-NOMAD Edition-4 (Download, about 7 MB)

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Cultural Impact Project-Cultural Center-Guatemala-1 (Download, about 3 MB)


The Current State of BrainHive’s Virtual Reality Coworking Space, JungleLab Panajachel

About 18 months into the exploration of our highly advanced virtual reality systems HTC Vive and having gone through over 100 simulations of different kinds, I realize I do not want to miss this tool in my life anymore. The entertainment as well as the professional benefits of using high-grade VR are too noteworthy. Strangely enough, I also need the virtual-reality input because actual reality does not challenge the speed of my thought anymore, neither when consuming nor when creating content. I get restless if I don’t spend time in the arenas. I have become a decent space and fighter pilot, so I never have motion sickness on the bus anymore and I ride my electric unicycle in a whole different, possibly more hazardous way, thanks to heightened proprioception. These are just a few of the changes I observed in me, and as I study transcendence tech further, I can see on what an atomic level really this form of digital immersion imprints on our cerebral nervous landscape.

Since I started facilitating VR experiences for other people I have collected over 100 videos in four different languages of people saying how much they loved VR. I only have to go and edit those videos and I could have an excellent piece of marketing in my hand. Yet I don’t do it. I’m too stretched thin and I am learning yet more and more even as more and more people are approaching me to learn from me. It’s really very crazy and I think I have a huge business opportunity on my hands if I can only professionalize my passion project. This I am going to try in 2019, and the way I’m doing it is by installing the deep VR system in different space holder’s locations, mostly in San Marcos la Laguna.

Why Impact Business Planning in Guatemala?

The sheer amount and diversity of impact operation here in the Mayan Highlands, as well as the professionalism and quality of character of the project owners and operators proved too much of a good thing. The promise gotten in 2016 fulfilled itself in the most beautiful ways looking back. Even having options of spending time in entrepreneurial hubs such as San Francisco, Chicago, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Berlin or London, still a patch of no man’s land around the volcano lake in the middle of the jungle in Guatemala is more attractive to me as a theater of operations. Surprising, but after undergoing initial processes of analysis indeed a feasible consideration, this is the place from where I want to work, now and in the future.

Since we came to Guatemala a lot of things have changed, yet it was all less dramatic than I had thought. To most clients it is still as if we were operating from Europe and few clients really question our legal set up, which includes elements of offshore corps and alternative payment methods. I had thought that it would have become a little more difficult and that there would have been trust issues. But apart from some remaining doubts about tax issues, so far we have been able to hold our ground beautifully. As part of a smart strategy of income diversity I should still want to make sure that we also generate a good profit here in this country. For now the efforts to grow BrainHive internationally and only use the Guatemalan engagement for producing content have paid off, and traffic to our website has never been more solid, and it is still growing.


Atitlan is Ground Zero for the World Impact Revolution

Guatemala is a very, very unique country in almost all regards that matter, be it ethnically, historically, geologically/topographically, geographically, climatically, politically or economically. It is a country of superlatives when it comes to biodiversity, human indigenous diversity and active practice of traditional spirituality. Overlooked by most casual travelers and multicorps due to the challenges, impactpreneurs, digital nomads, hippies and hardcore Christians have singled out the Central American country as offering them something that is almost extinct in most places around the world: the freedom to do whatever one wants.

JungleLab-1x1m Poster-1-BrainHive Business Planning-SMALL-2

When spirit is free, spirit creates naturally. It creates in a way of joy and natural harmony with its surroundings, reflecting, nurturing and inspiring the surroundings. In spiraling grace, the syntrophic growth it produces connects manifesters, transformers and consumers of resources by webs, pools and channels, so the system can be efficient.

The workings of strange pests and diseases, parasites and natural pathogens are usually not very visible, except when the system is under stress, usually through undergoing some kind of crisis or adaption process. But the scale of suffering, waste and exhaustion, the regularity of disease, distortion and crippling is nothing in comparison to what we have come so accustomed to witnessing today all around us, and surely no reasonable authority observing such rare conditions of extreme injustice or excruciation of living beings would think it were tolerable or natural.

BrainHive Impact Business Planning_JungleLab Coworking-2

From: Things I’d Rather Do Than Work 9-5 Jobs


Guatemala and Similar Fifth Flag Countries: Puzzle Pieces to a Greater Counterstrike

In the scenery of the five flags theory and geo-arbitrage/digital nomad lifestyle, our life as tech / impactpreneurs, paradigm shift facilitators / space holders and leaders / influencers of a whole generation puts us in the delicious position of being able to change the thing that to its own detriment wanted to muffle us, simply by way of the legally sanctioned word. We can give the fantasy of freedom back to our people and remind them that they are humans, as an act of teaching resilience. Unlike the Leviathan bodies operating under even tighter masks, our political caste has become simply a bit too incestuous, corrupted and incompetent. I choose to firmly believe that theirs is not the tyranny by design, but by accident. The correction of error is something that we as cultured people can work with, and we have to be quick before man will again be torn apart by machine. Because that’s possibly the actual vision that is brewing itself up for us right now, quite visible for everyone to see.

The humanity that will keep humanity human is one that will melt with the machine and stay machine’s master, and humanity’s master, in one stride and at the same time. Mastering the fluidity of going in and out of virtual realities, merging your consciousness with the machine and augmenting your human perceptions and abilities by ever more natural operation of mechanical components around, on and perhaps inside your body will assure us freedom. If we can be pioneers, if we can be first in this, we can today already start working on pushing back the weakness and dementia of the hedonist, nihilist and blasphemer generations still so predominant in higher politics and business.

If we can achieve this, we will also stand a fighting chance against the Orwellian Nightmare on our Eastern horizon, and the Malthusian one on our Southern. For now, we can only hit back by walking to countries where we are more included in ownership and putting our work and energy into our own projects. Even taking new passports if it’s the only way, if it means we get to live in freedom. Because security is more important than even water, and you cannot live as cattle, commodity resources bred for easy exploit.

BrainHive Impact Business Planning_JungleLab Coworking-1

Dreams of Freedom, Under the Stare

What if it Were That Paying Taxes Made You an Accomplice in Crimes Committed Against Humanity?

If enough of us were to do that, just build with us, we would already be saved. Because in the next phase we would then have the blueprint to code the type of consciousness that could take down very effectively the other specters as well. The answer is always the collective cultivation of proper paradigms. Proper- along the lines of brotherhood, love, unity and higher design.

JungleLab-1x1m Poster-1-BrainHive Business Planning-SMALL

Virtual reality is the way of infusing intelligence with highest pressure into the minds of people. If we really understand this and grasp the power of this tool for reverse-brainwashing and brain-unfreezing the masses, we will have a very nice solution on our hands. It is therefore even more of an imperative call for me to make sure this technology is used properly, by the impact sphere, for our tribe, to foster freedom and prosperity for our people and show the people what is the constructive power of tech. So that tech may set us free, instead of enslaving us.

What better place than Guatemala to pick up this card and fight for your freedom. Based out of one of the freest (some might say: most dangerous) countries on Earth, surrounded by more countries just like it. I invite woke readers of this article to still consider against these odds and deepen their research. There are many reasons to come to the Lake and I am sure that as we go on, more social sustainability projects – with chances of bettering the social fabric of complex societies forever. To make a virtual reality planning matrix will be added to our list of charity activities in the next few month, to protect this wonderful place and keep it as a high ground and sanctum for those deserving our love and care.

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