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If you are looking for a professional grant writer and one that doesn’t charge prohibitively high fees for such professional grant proposal writing, in this article you will learn everything you need to know to adequately research, appraise and hire a professional grant writer.

Grant writing is a lot like business planning, except that you often have very specific guidelines for the type of pitch document / project documentation that you have to produce to win the grant. The good news is that lately a lot of grant programs have come to enable all kinds of different projects and sure enough there will be one program that is ideal for you.


Professional Grant Writers are Able to Identify  Elements of a Successful Grant Proposal

Usually associated with the impact that the project will have on society or the environment, the eligibility of a given organization must be ascertained within the grant proposal. That is why the grant writer has to be briefed fully in order to understand what is the objective and the impact and the sustainability aspect of the project. To this end, he will try and either through the use of a questionnaire, through the analysis of existing notes and documentation and with the help of video conferencing and phone calls get to the bottom of what makes this particular proposal is a suitable candidate for the grant program.

Here are some aspects that are central to most professional grant writers:

  • ► Who is the team, what are their qualifications and connections and what is their track record and how do they compliment each other’s skills?
  • ► How dramatic is the potential impact that the execution of the described operation will have and in which sphere(s) precisely?
  • ► What is the structure of the grant proposal as specified in the description given by the grand programs organizers? Are there any focal points?
  • ► What about the financial side of things? Is a financial plan required? If yes how detailed must the financials be outlined?
  • ► What is the research status for the project? Are there already some figures and visuals available or must the research be conducted from scratch?
  • ► What is the deadline for the project? Grant proposals can be very lengthy and sometimes there are some correction loops required even if you hire the most professional grant writer


Different from other project planning instruments such as the business plan, every grant proposal has a different methodology and structure because different grant programs have different priorities for choosing which organization is the most eligible to win the grant. This makes it also harder to estimate what are the project durations and what is the budget required for a professional grant writer.


Professional Grant Writer Fees

Hiring a professional grant writer will cost some money as it is commonly not possible to have a professional grant written on the cheap. The internet is full of different offers but also many disappointed reviews and discussions over what is a fair price for such a sensitive project documentation writing. When studying the offers and talking directly to the writers or writing agencies for some time, very soon it becomes clear why it is so hard to find a qualified grant writer who is both professional and affordable.

Starting from about $1,500 and with some projects costing as much as 5-6,000 dollars in fees, it is quite a decision to hire a professional grant writer, especially since money is always tight in the impact sphere. You are looking to win the grant because you are not able to launch operation for your project with the money you have or the money you could get from normal sources of funding. And now you are even going to spend money on what may or may not win you the grand. In some cases, the more reasonable conclusion would drift towards writing the grand yourself.

Indeed our recommendation would be to try and produce as much of the grant proposal yourself and then approach a professional grant writer to finish and complete the grant proposal appropriately. This way you are both saving time and money assuming that your draft work is at least in part good enough to serve for the final grant proposal and you are also in the advantage of knowing that your grant proposal is professional enough to be submitted and stand a chance to be selected for the program. In some cases it might be a good idea to simply hire a professional grant writer for some coaching beforehand and develop the grant proposal in three or four different steps so for example first checking the executive summary, then maybe some orientation for the research and then in the end some support with the financials plus of course a final full check of the whole draft.

If you are not surprised by the fees for a professional grant writer and you have no problem with coming up with that kind of money, the help the grant expert will enable you to bring a very immersive and informative project documentation to your fingertips for future use and negotiations with potential partners, mentors and helpers. A professional grant proposal will always serve as a good basis for a business plan or a feasibility study if your project grows or if you are going to pivot or carve parts of your project towards a different purpose. Someone who is a professional grant writer usually has a special passion for operations originating from the impact sphere and this will reflect in the way the writer will give you value in the process of developing the grant proposal.


Conclusion: Hiring a Professional Grant Writer is a Delicate Process

No matter if you are looking for a grant writer to help you write the grand proposal yourself or if you are looking for a professional to write it for you: Make sure that you pick someone that has a good track record and is able to understand what moves and shakes the movers and shakers impact sphere, the ones that make the programs and have the money. Make sure that he or she takes his or her time to fully understand what are the specification and requirements for the grant proposal and make sure that you have ample opportunity to give a full briefing so to relate the maximum amount of information that is relevant for a plausible and convincing grant proposal.

Depending on the nature of your project, consider someone who either has the geographic or technical knowledge to provide an added value to your project because it’s almost like the grant writer becomes a temporary part of the team and all and every information that is an aspect which influences the success and impact of the operation must be checked and harmonized within the project plan included as an element of the grant proposal. That is why when looking at the professional grant writing fees you must know that these fees ideally also include a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience that will reflect in the documentation that is produced and could possibly represent an added value to be recycled and adapted to fit other areas of your project when professional pitch texts and content that describes your project are concerned.

Definitely, consider having a chat with us as we are a long-standing project planning and development planning consultancy and have conducted a lot of work in the impact sphere. You can reach as via email or over the phone or our contact forms and we will be very happy to take our time to see what we can do to help you out with your grant proposal writing assignment.

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