Our Team

We are pleased that you are interested in the people behind BrainHive. We have listed the current BrainHive team for you below with foto, name and department.

The core of our work is creating professional business plans. For some projects, it is sufficient if one colleague is in charge of the entire project. In other cases, several team members need to work together to work out the best possible result in time. In addition, there are always times when a number of highly complex projects are contracted simultaneously. Then it is good when you know that you can rely on the right people to deal with it all.

A Business Plan is Only as Good as the Minds Who Write It

Before any plan leaves our consulting house, it undergoes a final personal check by managing director / managing consultant Joachim Jacob Görbert, and for the most demanding projects the economic expert Helmut Görbert will likewise review it on consistency and reasonableness. Joachim Görbert brings eight years of experience in the preparation of business plans, Helmut Görbert 40 years of experience as a private investor, investment adviser and accountant.

Several analysts work for BrainHive, both for research and creation of the written business plan as well as for the calculation of the financial plans. We also have a project manager and hold in-house capacities in the departments of design, patents, translation and animation. Together, we can cover a large scope of services related to the preparation of business plans, pitch decks and pitch video as a powerful team.

Confidence. BrainHive: The Essence of Business Planning

Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Beratung--11

Joachim Görbert
Managing Consultant
Strategy, Quality Assurance

Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Beratung--mentor-13

Helmut Görbert
Investor, Mentor
Quality Assurance

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Beratung-Donhauser-2

Vitalis Donhauser
Financial Analyst
Financial Planning

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Beratung-Mendle-2

Andreas Mendle

Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Buchner-2

Silke Buchner
Project Management
Business Plan Creation

Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Kuhlemann-2

Sarah Kuhlemann
International Business Planning

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Poel-2

Sarah Jasmin-Poel
Business Plan Creation

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Dankov-2

Danco Dimkov
Tech Startup Analyst
International Business Planning

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Fischer-2

Michael Fischer
European Patent Attorney
Patent Consulting

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Bloj-2

Adrian Bloj
Cover Design, CI, Infographics

 Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Holubets-2

Andrij Holubets
3D-Design, Animation
Pitch Video Animations

Businessplan Berater- Businessplan Consulting-Kirova-2

Daniela Kirova
International Plans