How to Draft a Great Interior Design Business Plan for Your Company

Creating an interior design business plan for your decoration/architecture business should be possible to do by yourself, but you have to make sure that you have gone through all these following items to be sure you know what you are doing. Do not skip over any part of the contents of your interior design business plan, and make sure that you think of every part in terms of what the interior design business requires of you specifically.

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1) Interior Design Business Plan: Analyze the Market for Interior Design

You have to have a look around the area at what people are spending on interior design every year and have an idea of what they are spending on their own vs. what they are spending that money on designers like you. You also need to see if you can find a way to convert people from doing it themselves to hiring you. There is better potential for you to work as an interior designer if you are in a community that has more disposable income. So, for example, they are only spending a fraction doing it themselves, but they still have some money left over to hire you.


2) Interior Design Business Plan: You Need to Know All the Ins & Outs of Interior Design

You need to know interior design through and through if you want to start your own business, otherwise it might be better to stay employed a little longer. You have to have an eye for design, and you have to have people working with you who are competent. No one is saying that you should do this all on your own, but you do need to have the capacity to do the design on your own. That is everything from the design to the actual work. You might start out as the sole workhorse, but you can build your business to include more employees. People are more likely to work with you if they know you can do all the work yourself.


3) Interior Design Business Plan: Where Should You Be Located?

An interior design business has to be really close to its customers. You cannot be out on the fringes of the city where people cannot reach you. They want to be able to show up at your office to ask you questions, and they want to see the trip to their interior designer to be a short one. People who have to drive too far to get to you are going to avoid the drive because they will find someone closer. You could even rent a branch showroom in the area where you want to work, and that will at the same time be the place where you can most effectively show off your interior design work.


4) Interior Design Business Plan: Marketing Concerns

You have to execute your marketing to your customers in a very elegant way. People who are paying for an interior designer are going to want to see something that reminds them of old school quality standards, and they are going to want to feel like you can design the style they ask for. You do not want to be too gimmicky, and you do not want to be in people’s faces. You are like a consultant, and the ads should just invite people to talk to you about design. Think video- this will be the easiest way to create meaningful media instruments to showcase your skill.

On a side note: At BrainHive, we go to every end imaginable to provide potential customers as much information as possible to make it easier to understand how much thought goes into a good business plan that will eventually be shown to investors and partners. Read the following articles on business plan components, advice for bank loan interviews, business plan cover page and also check out our business plan example library and financial plan pdf examples. With these know-how resources on writing and understanding business development plans and securing funding, you will be much better able to successfully launch your business.


5) Interior Design Business Plan: How Do You Make a Convincing Sales Pitches?

Ideally, you do not need to make a very “salesy” pitch in your business, because you are actually going to just be telling people things about interior design that you think will work for them- and then they ask for a quote. You are going to educate the customer, and then you are going to draw up an interior design improvement plan. The plan can be a sales pitch of sorts in and of itself. It is just the thing that you think you need to be doing. They can ask for changes, and then you can agree on a price that you both are happy with. It is more like a business deal agreed to over a handshake and less like an impulse purchase conversion.


6) Interior Design Business Plan: How Would You Get a Loan to Start an Interior Design Business?

You will have to answer a lot of questions in the interview with the bank, and that is because they want to know what it will be like to be in the interior design business with you. It is not a traditional business, and you need to help educate them on what you plan to do. You can explain how you will set up your office, hire employees and find customers. You will be a little outside the norm, but it is something that you can explain to a loan officer at the bank.


6) Interior Design Business Plan: What Are Typical Unique Challenges for Interior Design Businesses?

Interior design businesses have to – even for a high-class target group of clients – come across affordable and accessible. A lot of people like to do the work on their own, and you need to show them that you can do it better, and do it perfectly the first time. You also need to show people that the ideas you have are amazing and bring lots of additional value to the table. You want to prove to them that they are going to spend their money wisely because your ideas will last for a lifetime.

You are in the business of teaching people how their homes can look amazing, but you cannot start doing that without an interior design business plan. Cover all the parts of your interior design business plan so that you can help people make their homes and offices look amazing. The best part of the process is that you can set up something that will help all the people in the area. You can become the go to person in the area for design, and you can get a reputation for being able to help people make their spaces look better. You will get there- when you have your interior design business plan set up and working.


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