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Modern life would be unimaginable without the concept of „fitness“. Improved vital signs, better health, an improved body feel and a more attractive appearance are the key attributes of this concept. It is no wonder, then, that the business plan for a gym is frequently requested here at BrainHive. In addition to the tips in this article, you should also take a look at our know-how articles on the topic, “What belongs in a business plan?” and heed our tips for getting start-up funding.

The fitness industry regularly offers new approaches and methods so that the trend is not abandoned. Body workshops, abdomen, leg and bottom exercise classes, TRX suspension training, Milon circuit, Egym circuit, strength and endurance training, and step aerobics belong to the standard fitness range, just to name a few. The new equipment showcased at fitness expos each year promises even more effective training with even better results. A wellness myriad of saunas, whirlpools and relaxation beds often completes the training program at more exclusive gyms.

The number of men and women who are interested in sports activities in an environment that also enables social contacts is on the rise, as always. The desire and ambition to own and manage a gym are very easy to understand.

Everything you should consider in terms of creating a business plan for your fitness studio start-up will be addressed in the following article. At the end you will have enough information to make the necessary gym business plan and to be prepared for your financing interview with the bank, among other things.


1) Fitness Studio Business Plan: Do You Have The Competences Needed To Start A Business?


Academic prerequisites, including certifications

Ideally, you should have a background in fitness economy as well as sports and fitness business administration. Your training as a fitness and sports instructor should be complemented by a business education with the relevant certificates, so you can rise to the market challenges. You should also demonstrate some knowledge of marketing and personnel management (Human Resource Management). Supporting evidence of this should be attached to the health club business plan. Our business plan experts would be happy to consult you.

Personal prerequisites that complement the gym business plan:

– What is your motivation to start a health club?
– You are a sports enthusiast who is very interested in health and fitness
– You can inspire people to help you achieve your goal
– You are sensitive if physiological problems pose a handicap
– You have sound economic understanding and are able to create an achievable gym business plan
– You remain calm and rational even at the most hectic and critical times
– You are a born leader with high team competence
– You can objectively assess opportunities and risks
– It is not difficult for you to make decisions


2) Gym Business Plan: Define a Goal


What Is Your Target Group Of Clients?

– Students who value low prices
– Ladies and gentlemen who would like to work out undisturbed in an elegant setting and relax and are willing to pay a bit more per month for this
– Parents who require expert care and service for their children
– Elderly people and others who want to undergo physical therapy in a private establishment

Once you have set your target group, you need to go on to the market analysis of your business plan for your gym.


3) Gym Business Plan: Market Analysis

The market analysis is concerned with the market volume, market growth and market share. The trends in the fitness market are part and parcel of the business plan to start a gym or health club.

The competitive analysis carried out by our business plan professionals is about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This analysis allows you to recognize your own competitive advantages. The target group analysis, however, shows how to assess your clients’ behavior. Make a good impression by showing that you understand the business context in relation to your customers in its entirety by offering a professional description.


4) Fitness Studio Business Plan: The Location

Finding the right location is a natural result of having clear goals. 1A-residential areas, for example, are suitable for a first-class fitness center, while proximity to colleges and universities, etc. is a good idea for a student gym.


5) Gym Business Plan: Possible Selling Points

If you want to work in spa and wellness, a good offer might be a sauna with a helarium (light therapy), a gallery, barrel and earth sauna or a Temazcal (traditional Turkish mud bath). The Turkish steam bath is becoming more and more popular, as is the light and sand sauna.

If you want to work in fitness, you could start with the biggest trends, novelties, or a very good trainer, a very rare course or simply a very well-priced package offer. Selling points are really important considering the growing number of gyms and are central to a professional business plan.


6) Gym Business Plan: Marketing

This part of your professional business plan is all about your pricing strategy, distribution channels and advertising media, but also the so-called barriers to market entry. Investment costs are the brunt of costs, followed by staffing costs. Then come the costs of maintaining the fitness center, the marketing expenses, legal advice and tax payments.


7) Gym Business Plan: Financing With Or Without A Partner

Do you want to take off alone or have a competent partner at your side?

A partner can possibly fill competency gaps. Even when applying for a loan a partner can be of advantage, because the risks are not borne by you alone. One question that is definitely to be answered in the professional business plan for a gym is namely this.


8) Gym Business Plan: Organization, Analysis, Finance

What legal form do you want to choose? An organization chart provides a good overview of functions and responsibilities. This should include the personnel planning.

Implementation Planning
Describe the status quo and create a business plan for possible milestones.

Risk Analysis
Here you must list the strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities and risks of starting a fitness center. Don’t forget the success factors and a description of how you would deal with weaknesses and threats.

The Financial Analysis
This part of the professional business plan should be based specifically on your calculations and sales forecasts. What investments and resources are needed? Customize a break-even analysis and finish with a representation of the total capital requirements and the financing.

Details of the Financing Plan
The sales plan is created based on the results of the specified sales forecasts and premises.

Other Factors:

– Staff
– Other joint payments
– Investment and tax planning
– Profitability Planning
– Liquidity planning based on revenue and expenditure
– Capital requirement planning
– Funding plan (which debt service)

Now you know the most important details for your gym business plan to be successful. However, if you would like personal business plan consulting services or even want us to write a business plan for you, then feel free to contact us.


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