Competences / References

Business Plan References

We cannot publish every reference routinely due to restrictions of the BrainHive Discretion Code, but we can provide specific numbers for accomplished projects in the past. The following projects have been completed by BrainHive:

  • Over 630 business and financial plans in over 50 branches
  • Over 20 detailed profiles and white papers of securities (small caps, mid caps)
  • Over 25 detailed profiles and feasibility studies of branches and raw materials (particularly energy and mining)
  • Countless smaller assisted projects, pitch decks / one pagers & translations


An excerpt of recent projects, as brief descriptions:

– Automotive Consulting / Logistics
– PSA Intl. trade
– Building materials, logistics
– IT / SAP Consulting
– Luxury car trade
– Mallorca Clinic
– Mobile phone shop (you already have this plan)
– Boutique, Italian
– Boutique, Dirndl
– Car parts
– Bicycle shop
– CAD services
– Ice cream parlor, franchise
– Call center
– CC Milling Services
– Web design agency
– Nursing service
– Hotel, Urban
– Design agency, advertising
– Startup, Tech, Delivery Service
– Kawaii online shop
– Gastronomy, traditional Bavarian
– Furniture / window fittings trade
– Electric circuits f. fine electronics
– Life coaching
– Retail, woolen / knitwear
– Model Agency
– Workshop
– Intl. Trade, China products
– Real Estate Development
– Assembly service, furniture
– Moving service, moving software
– Rhetoric Coach
– Tech, eCommerce software
– Real estate development, hall construction
– Business coach
– Intl. Trade nutrition supplement, Amazon FBA
– Tech startup, delivery service
– Boutique, bridal
– Intl. machinery trade
– boutique, streetwear
– Tech Startup, eMobility
– Gastronomy, snack
– Lifecoach
– Vape Equipment Onlineshop
– Pest control
– DMS software
– Ethereum Cryptotech Startup
– Gastronomy, Hookah Lounge
– Intl. textile trade
– Innovation Consulting
– Bicycle shop
– Cranes Trading / Services
– Fitness holidays f. women
– Intl. electronics trade
– Gastronomy, classic
– CNC machine trade
– automotive parts trade
– Video Software, Tech Startup
– Hotel, Pension
– Frost sauna, cryotherapy
– Safety technology / services
– Dance / Yoga / Pole Dance Studio
– Holiday pension complex
– Gastronomy, children’s café
– Online bicycle shop
– eMobility rental
– Automotive Paint Shop
– Dog pension
– Water technology innovations
– Yoga studio
– Amazon FBA, textile
– Gastronomy, cafe franchise
– Scheideanstalt (Precious metal recycling)
– marriage agency
– Beverage delivery service
– Animal feed online trade
– Onlineshop for ice cream
– Clinic / HVAC Gebäudetechnik Consulting
– Onlineshop for animal feed
– Gastronomy, ice cream shop
– Onlineshop for whiskey
– Marketing Consulting / Startup Consulting
– Beauty salon
– Gastronomy, African Studies
– Climate chambers for product hardness tests
– Kita
– Cultural exchange
– Innovation Center
– Intl. Wrapping paper trading
– Geotargeting App, Tech Startup
– Gastronomy, Indian
– Insurance
– Water bubbler
– Dance school
– Intl. Trade in diving equipment
– Beer experience house
– Garage park
– Intl. Trade in gears
– Food trade with Halal products
– Kiosk
– Fashion Label
– Tech Startup, Assessment App
– Photovoltaic power plant
– Gastronomy, Greek
– Tech startup, delivery automation
– Assembly service, kitchens
– Fintech startup
– Organic food trade
– Intl. solar trade
– Gastronomy, anti-café
– Cryptomining
– Intl. saffron trade
– Online platform f. Health care
– Real Estate Development f. Tenants in precarious situations
– Intl. Textile trade, Amazon FBA
– Gastronomy, golf resort
– Cannabis
– eMobility
– Youtube Star Marketing
– Intl. Precious timber trade
– Amazon FBA, bags
– Onlineshop f. Infinity roses
– Gastronomy, cafe franchise
– Gym
– Nursery school
– New card game
– Inn, Pension f. Korean
– Novel sleeping glasses
– Novel tea drinking cup, tea trade
– Tech Startup, Music Learning App
– Intl. building material trade
– Intl. Dattelhandel
– Tech Startup, GPS Indo-Navigation
– Dental diaphragms, dental cosmetics
– Transport & amp; logistics
– Bentonite mine / exploration
– Privacy Adviser
– Amazon FBA, textile
– Gastronomy, breakfast café
– Gastronomy, music bistro
– Tech Startup, Meeting Software
– Hotel / Ski Resort
– Bakery
– System Catering, Subway Restaurant
– Private Wealth Management Advisor
– Design agency, full service
– Crane surveyor
– Intl. Textile sales office
– Coworking Space, urban


Even if references are not published routinely, we ask customers to submit a short feedback. Since we started asking for feedback (this is only the case since the end of 2014), we have received the following customer reports. BrainHive is also rated on the following portals:

Google Places

Business Plan Consulting Testimonials

Although references are not published routinely, we always ask our customers to submit a short feedback. Since we have started asking for feedback (this is the case only since the middle of 2015), we have received the following reports from customers.


“Mr. Görbert was responsible for the financial planning and the business plan for the expansion of our company Höhenbalance. I was very pleased with his performance. Our business model is in fact extremely complex, but Mr Görbert spared neither the time nor the effort to lay out the budget accurately in a 20-page Excel file, thus providing us with an extremely important tool for our meetings with investors. I was most impressed by how accessible and helpful Mr Görbert was throughout the time we cooperated. It’s very nice for me to know that I can rely on such a reliable expert at any time. I would definitely recommend BrainHive.”
Klaus Albrecht, Höhenbalance Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH, mountain air generators for altitude training,


“I turned to BrainHive to prepare a business plan urgently because we needed to obtain financing for our new company in the truck part trade. Mr. Görbert quickly delivered a professional plan and we were able to found the company without any pressure. We also contracted BrainHive’s affiliated interactive agency for a web shop for another project, in which case good work and further marketing advice were also provided. Thank you for the excellent cooperation, in particular the good interpersonal communication. ”
Kirill Engelhardt, Engelhardt Consulting,


“BrainHive was recommended to me by my tax consultant. The cooperation was very pleasant and my business plan for a fashion boutique for exclusive Italian fashion was created quickly and in very high quality. I was especially pleased with the short response time and excellent accessibility, even with the corrections afterwards. Everything was great, so I can recommend BrainHive in all good conscience.
Diana Schwaigert, Viadi Boutique Sole Proprietorship, Munich


“My business plan involved a very complex and major project, namely a rehabilitation center for psychosomatic treatment of senior executives suffering from burnout or other aggravating psychological conditions who were working in Mallorca and each had several dozen employees. The plan was created in order to obtain a loan, respectively media sponsorship in the amount of several million euros. I was surprised by how quickly and accurately Mr. Görbert gathered all the necessary information and made every effort to substantiate the prospective success of my approach with plausible arguments. Apart from a really good price- performance ratio, the interpersonal communication was very pleasant, and I’m glad I turned to BrainHive – a truly recommendable start-up consultancy.”
Gabriela Heidrich, La Isla S.L. Rehabilitation Centre, Palma de Mallorca


„I contracted BrainHive to create a business plan to obtain financing for a start-up in the area of SAP consulting. Mr. Görbert delivered a professional plan in several days. The financial plan had to be edited several times because of the bank’s unclear requirements. Mr. Görbert achieved this very quickly and perfectly so that the plan was completed and I could proceed to launch. Thank you for the quick and excellent support.“
Hussein Chokr, SAP Consultant,


Job References / Letters of Recommendation

I have been an employee or self-employed in 5 of the 8 years that I have worked as a start-up / business plan consultant and have enjoyed long-term cooperation with my clients. The following excerpts from the obtained certificates / letters of recommendation provide further evidence of the satisfaction of my clients.


Julian Busch, MPR GmbH, 2008-2012,

  • Creating business plans, financial plans and start-up plans
  • Writing advertising texts, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, illustrations, and web content (websites, brochures, market studies etc)
  • Organizing and leading web seminars
  • Organizing and maintaining Google ad words key word marketing campaigns and Mailchimp email marketing campaigns
  • Translating complex tests from German to English and vice versa
  • Exhibition work in Germany, USA and China
  • New staff training

Mr. Görbert has established over 240 affiliates of Chinese enterprises of various branches in Germany in his capacity as consultant with MPR GmbH so far. He played a key role during our expansion in the USA. He was fully and individually responsible for the founding of the China Certification Corporation, managed budgets independently, visited countless clients, and conducted certification audits. Mr. Görbert’s engagement and quick perception skills make him very convincing. His academic knowledge, writing talent and excellent English are of notable mention where creating plans, texts and doing research are concerned.

Mr. Görbert was highly productive und yielded undeniable results under immense pressure in a very short period of time. His excellent communication and presentation skills set him apart from his counterparts. Mr. Görbert always carries out all his responsibilities to our utmost satisfaction.


Jürgen Felger, Frankfurter Finance, 2007-2008,

His assistance made it possible to carry out and publish three whole interviews and the corresponding studies in just five weeks. Thanks to his highly motivated approach we were able to obtain interviews with the three companies K+S AG, Klöckner & Co AG and Solarworld AG. Mr. Görbert familiarized himself with our existing data in a very short time. Mr. Görbert conducted share and branch analysis for two other companies for further use and of outstanding quality.


Frank Weber, Accenture, 2010,

  • Doing in-depth market research on electric power purchase
  • Price negotiations for coffee machines and water coolers
  • Offer analysis by means of personally created analysis models
  • Personal assessment of supply offers and the respective documents
  • Contact with suppliers
  • Data analysis and making presentations
  • Facilitating meetings with clients and suppliers
  • Media research and analysis
  • Translating complicated texts from German to English
  • Designing training documents for the middle management level

His extraordinary perception skills enabled him to grasp the essence of every task. His ability to work under immense pressure and flexibility set him apart from others. His drive for success is substantiated by his incredible ability to take the lead. Even under extreme pressure Mr. Görbert was highly productive, worked independently, was goal-oriented und always achieved results. We also want to highlight his excellent analytical thinking skills. Mr. Görbert always carried out all his responsibilities to our utmost satisfaction. 


Our Business Plan Consulting: Competencies Summary

BrainHive’s competencies are made unique by those of its main author and partner Joachim Görbert. The following list of key data testifies to BrainHive’s unique qualifications:

  • 8 years of professional experience as an independent business plan consultant and business ghost writer
  • Studied business administration at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main with a focus on accounting and finance
  • Professional work references in the areas of office communication / foreign language office, financial journalism, management consulting and business process outsourcing
  • Negotiation skills in English and Spanish in addition to being a German native speaker
  • Professional handling of operating system, office, browser and encryption software, and skills in the field of web and graphic design

One of BrainHive’s unique selling points is excellent customer service attained through exceptionally easy accessibility at all times. Any further questions regarding the BrainHive Quality Code or competencies will be answered quickly and to your fullest satisfaction.