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Manager Coaching differs from our other coaching offerings in that it aims at both the individual and the specific challenge, as well as entire departments and organizations. The costs of manager coaching though, of course, tend to be much higher, as the executive coach often has to get deeply involved in specific business situations.

Frequently, employee surveys, a process and a documentation audit as well as interviews with management are also part of the compulsory program, which also requires time and tact. The level of training and the practical experience of the Manager Coach must accordingly be at a much higher level. In rare cases, the CEO Coach may also need to be able to create their own manager coaching team because the case exceeds the capabilities or work capacity of the CEO Coach.

In the following paragraphs we would like to try to describe the advantages and the course of the CEO Coaching and to present and differentiate the costs of the different Leadership Coachings, Executive Coachings and Corporate Coachings in the overview. Unlike our other coaching programs, coaching at the management level differs from above in their “flavor” and less in the pure scope and duration, which is usually long term. Therefore, the coaches themselves focus on different areas and have in common that they are dedicated to the upper management level and generally work with growth, corporate culture, crisis and leadership issues.


The Benefits of Management Coaching / Corporate Training

More than just hiring a business consultancy and more than engaging a pure business coach, the work of a professional corporate coach makes a whole business more productive and contented.

Blockages that stand in the way of expansion and improvement of leadership quality can be successfully dissipated by the CEO Coach because he has direct access to and trust of the organization’s leadership. Difficult and complex issues that cannot be properly seen or touched in operational blindness can be successfully identified by the Manager Coach and addressed through personal development and communication skills in a non-violent, conflict-avoiding, yet effective manner. After completing the work, the CEO Coach is no longer in the crossfire or is the subject of internal politics, personal injury or departmental diplomacy. He can therefore act much more freely and directly and is not endebted to any single loyalty.

While many other service providers each contribute their piece to the puzzle in specific sections of larger departments, the Executive Coach is able to see the big picture with the managers. The Corporate Coach works with the management to find a variety of ways to grow the business or avert crises, often contributing to branding and all internal and external corporate communications. Above all, an experienced Manager-Level Coach creates this by providing the client with both their own network and the libraries that have been gathered over the years for knowledge and empirical analysis for consultation. In doing so, he manages to apply his own thought processes in such a compact and trimmed that his clients always feel that they are able to make significant leaps in their own knowledge. A good Executive Coach does not let the client stumble, but points the way to accelerate development.


Barriers to Successful Executive Coaching

As mentioned earlier, the ideal situation for a Corporate Coach to be involved is if the reason is so important that the coach has the opportunity to recover multiple times the coaching costs for the client. Especially at the level of CEO Coaching, the chances are favorable, because decisions that are made at this level ideally trigger great leverage. And in this context let us place special emphasis on the word “ideally”, because the ideal conditions for a successful management coaching are a great pitfall that has already caused many coaching to end up being an expensive and unnecessary waste of time. Of course, the primary role of the executives themselves is crucial, but there are still other pitfalls in the way the corporate coach has to work with the various factions within the company, a true 360 ° view and decent decision-making as well, to generate an informational basis for interventions, trainings and recommendations.

It is also good for the workforce to know that the management, often using significant funds, opens up an additional knowledge base for the company to serve, as it were, the overall body of the company – the overall health of the business. One that prefers people-first decision-making to the often very technical and focused on the job reduction recommendations of the management consultancies and audit houses. The optimal manager coach must be able to show on the human side a 360 ° view and sharpening of the perception, because even from the word coaching the personal connection between matter and performance in the field on a human level is described.

It is also customary both in the current consensus in the public and for a long time within the BrainHive Coaching & Consulting family to uphold the people and sustainability issues in the context of their own brand story as well as an intrinsic motivational factor, which always has special attention paid.


The Cost of an Executive Coaching | Manager Coaching Costs

Depending on whether a 1: 1 coaching assignment is made or whether the coach coaches a whole manager group, a board or an entire department, whether it is a concrete challenge, which is rectified over weeks or months together, or if a company is interested in generally cultivating a greater sense of efficiency or in any kind of willingness to expand, different starting situations will give a specific executive coaching cost calculation.

Many CEO coaches are therefore having a hard time investing their time on the necessary training in the client’s business case even before a contract is made, and therefore offer very extensive services in their offerings that are hardly transparent and uncertain whether they make up the optimal case processing at all. Minimum orders are rarely less than € 5,000 and commissions of € 10,000 to even € 30,000 are not uncommon. We would assume that the daily wage for an experienced business coach in the market average between € 1,500 to 1,800, with a fully certified Star CEO Coach (ie. a coach of the influencer class with annual income in the mid-six-figure range) is certainly likely to earn at least 3,000 to 5,000 € a day.

At BrainHive Coaching, we want to go another way and have chosen to formulate package prices that can be expanded in a modular way. Between the individual coaching disciplines, larger organizations can pick out the modules they need most. We have a standardized briefing process that we also use to find out if there are any other modules to recommend to the customer.


Telephone Coaching2h4h8h16h
Video Coaching / Screen Sharing1h2h8h
Company / Personal AuditUp to 4 interview / document auditsUp to 8 interviews / documents auditsUp to 16 interviews / documents audits
Referral Reporting1 reportUp to 2 reportsUp to 4 reportsUp to 8 reports
Period1 month1-2 months2-4 months4-6 months
TrainingUp to 3 trainings á 3hUp to 5 trainings á 3h
Feedback Rounds2-3 rounds3-5 rounds10-12 rounds
Executive Time Special Coaching / Leadership Development2h4h10h
Suitable forCareer / Business People, Area / Department ManagerMiddle management to upper managementSMEs, startups, top management, franchisesLarger companies, organizations and corporations
Total Price1,700 €4,700 €10,700 €17,700 €
Min. Monthly price1,700 €2,350 €2,675 €2,950 €
Corresponds to the total man-days 1,5 man-days4 man-days8 man-days12 man-days
Price / man-day1,133.33 €1,175 €1,337.50 €1,475 €


At any point in time, clients have the opportunity to take advantage of individual modules and then decide whether the work is worth the cost of corporate coaching according to their own experience of using BrainHive Coaching. At BrainHive Coaching we even try to keep our daily rate at a low level of 1.200 € in corporate coaching and also do a lot of community service (BrainHive Coaching Charity Program). Because for us, this is part of our service to clients and in line with our own life business mentality: significant knowledge should circulate as freely as possible in society and the economy to create more benefits, surplus and opportunities for all.


Course of the CEO Coaching

The course of each CEO coaching is relatively different due to the complexity of coaching, but there are similarities. The following overview is an example for a medium-sized company that is preparing for international expansion with a new product and whose management is under professionalization pressure, in particular regarding the underdeveloped digital communication capability of the company which had become problematic by the time the coaching began. The coaching client was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and his personal assistant.


  • Week One: Initial conversation – briefing – documentation exercises
  • Week Two: Results Meeting – Employee Surveys – Management Interviews
  • Week Three: Document Audit – Website Audit – Suplier Surveys
  • Week Four: Results Briefing – First Training: Marketing A / B Tests – First Intensive Coaching
  • Week Five: Implementation Exercise – Financial Planning Coaching – Management Training
  • Week Six: Final Results Briefing – Final Coaching – Recommendation Report
  • ► Every week: Each week there are additional calls, study / analysis sessions and reporting, depending on the current need nd satisfaction with the overall performance (Coaching Mission Progress).


The above-described coaching has taken place for about six weeks, touching on very different areas, but always in the context of the tasks of the CMO. The main objective was to prepare the company for its international expansion. In addition, there were also frequent discussions with department managers of adjacent company areas.

The advantage of BrainHive’s approach to coaching based on our experience is that training in business planning and marketing can be easily executed through exercises and screen-sharing sessions, as this focus has dominated many years of our consulting practice. In this way, the companies save a lot of money, because they can transfer the know-how directly and apply it to their operation. Above all, a number of digital aids and tools represent the absolute minimum requirements needed to resolve their respective challenges.

The process of longer or larger corporate coaching is primarily that more reports are created and even more documentation is generated. These intangible assets are also part of the immediate profits that coaching ideally generates for operations. Optimal processes and good operational documentation increase the value of the company, facilitate future expansion and are indispensable when it comes to staff fluctuations. It is always important to us at BrainHive Coaching that every coaching job has a good foundation, a good body and a good head. We attach great importance to structure and form.

Due to the complexity of the corporate coaching concerns that are often brought to us, it is important that the customer is well acquainted with all major types of electronic communication and information exchange, or at least that we can rely on the willingness of the customer to obtain the appropriate  skills. Working together on processes and documents in live screenshare sessions, for example, is an elementary part of our coaching work, and the option of recording the pastimes of the screen masks via video creates further opportunities for the company to improve its own training material during the coaching process, categorize, and integrate this into the everyday training routine.


CEO Coaching and Management Coaching From One Source

In conclusion, when considering BrainHive Coaching for your CEO coaching, you should remember that you are dealing with one of the most customer-focused and agile business practices in the Impact sphere, and that’s why we give our utmost to our Executive Coaching clients. We like difficult challenges, and we get into our work, especially when entrepreneurs see their own specific challenges as a way to transform operations into an integrative, holistic worldview. The future belongs to those who want to see a future worth living. It will also depend on sales-promoting narratives to lead companies back on track, instead of being perceived as otherwise faceless under their plastic corporate masks.

To put together this image for business and to return the identity and humanity to the history and essence of the company is, among many other aspects, our mission in our position as Management Coach. And it is also because our coaching at the executive level never quite resembles one another, which makes our work so exciting for us. Especially in the class of larger companies, we also have the opportunity to move higher capacities and create a completely different impact. Especially when sufficient material is available to ensure that every decision is made from the careful analysis of the facts.

We would be pleased if you are interested in our coaching and are always at your disposal if you would like to clarify any questions or doubts in a personal conversation. Feel free to request additional information or have a look at the briefing questionnaires and the usual protocols for the first phone sessions. We are happy to show you, especially in this highly complex coaching field, the motivation and professionalism we are ready and able to provide.

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