Catering Business Plan Sample

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This is an example of a completed turn-around business plan for an already operating non-food catering business. It operates as a franchise/license chain and has been leasing catering equipment and other gastronomic products (like dishes, flatware, glasses, bar constructions etc.) to business and private events for several years. It has several branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The branch in question has been experiencing operative losses. The branch manager is about to retire, and the business unit will be purchased and redeveloped under a new management, the new manager being the founder of the franchise himself. The branch will undergo a redevelopment program consisting of a financial investment as well as a marketing program to reach out to new potential customers. Break-even is expected one year after the launch of this program.



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The business plan elaborates on crucial points like the product and service range as well as the operative processes, USP (in this case the already established reputation and prominent clients), vision and strategy – in this context it is worth mentioning that the city of the subsidiary’s location is an established hub of trade fairs and technology, which provides a good basis for reaching the right kind of customers. In addition, special emphasis will be given to the dedication and quality regarding suppliers/potential business partners. Market/economic research provides a positive outlook of the market situation, and the extensive knowledge and business experience of the new Manager constitutes a very positive aspect of the risk analysis.

The financing of a business is an important issue, and even if the facts and numbers as such are already promising: Being able to present an appropriate and convincing business plan to banks and/or potential investors is a prerequisite for obtaining such financing, also for turn-around purposes.

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Catering Business Plan Sample Overview

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Business Plan Product and Service Range
1.2 Business Plan Operative Processes
1.3 Business Plan USP
1.4 Business Plan Strategy / Vision
2. Business Plan Market Analysis
2.1 Business Plan Competition
2.2 Business plan target group
2.3 Business plan risks
3. Business Plan SWOT-Analysis
4. Business Plan Location
5. Business plan partner/s
6. Business plan marketing
6.1. Business plan pricing
6.2. Business plan communication strategy
7. Business plan manager
8. Business plan staff
9. Financial Planning
9.1 Business Plan Clarification
9.2 Revenue Source Clarification
9.3 Business plan capital

1. Catering Business Plan Sample: Executive Summary

The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is a non-food caterer who has been leasing gastronomic products and catering equipment for events to companies and individuals since XXXX. The company operates as a franchise / license chain and currently has XX branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The headquarters are located in the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] Village.
The branch in [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city has not generated any operative profit after losing a major client in XXXX. The total loss is approx. XXX.XXX Euro (the company has liquidated XXXX workshop equipment, generating a profit of approximately XX.XXX Euro). The former manager of the Business plan branch is retiring, the branch will be bought and redeveloped as part of an investment program with a new manager.
The management is being taken over by Mr. [Business plan], the founder of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] franchise. XXX.XXX Euro will be invested in new returnable packaging and new clients will be reached by means of a marketing program, in particular cold calls. We should be able to break even in the first year after launching the redevelopment program. Achieving this objective is supported by the general market conditions and location factors.

1.1 Business Plan Product and Service Range

Each branch of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] has the full range of necessary products and business equipment to meet the needs at even the most demanding events. A set of service options is offered as part of the order execution, and cleaning used goods is included in the lease cost. It is leased exclusively over a three-day period; an intraday settlement is not possible. There are three basic ranges: standard products, special products and regional products (exotic) with over XX.XXX different individual items. The range is divided into returnable packaging and goods for sale.
Returnable packaging includes all durable goods in the areas of catering, furniture and equipment. The typical gastronomy goods are dishes, glasses, flatware, chafing dishes (heatable metal plates) and other serving equipment, tablecloths, slipcovers and catering equipment such as grills or oven stands. Tables and chairs in various designs for different occasions are available, including elegant padded furniture and LED illuminated party lounge cocktail tables. We also have display cabinets, closets, partitions and bar constructions in our product range. The catalog of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is completed with additional equipment and decorative items such as lottery-wheels, informing tablets, table decorations, art works and electrical accessories such as cable reels.

Sale goods are of low quality, but nonetheless important for a successful event. These products include napkins, candles or cable ties. In addition, the business with ice cubes and crushed ice is very important in this segment. The ice is produced under strict quality requirements with an ice machine in the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] store, packed in polythene plastic bags and delivered in Styrofoam cartons to the client.
The product range rests on the founding principles of high quality and pragmatism. The company offers dishes and cutlery produced by a small group of European quality suppliers like Rosenthal or KPM. Pragmatism comes into play when chairs are purchased: these must all be stackable and cannot exceed the maximum weight of xxx kg. Damaged or badly worn goods are removed, discarded and replaced.
[Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] offers a full range of services to fulfill the ideal event request of a customer. Customers can look at different products in the Sample brand salesroom and make an informed decision. The selection process is competently supervised by Sample brand staff, who in some cases have many years of experience in event catering and support clients in their planning. Clients can opt to transport the leased equipment to the venue themselves or have Sample brand deliver and pick it up. An important part of the leasing agreement is the professional cleaning of the products. This is a standard service for Sample brand and is performed very conscientiously.

1.2 Business Plan  Operative Processes

The typical [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] facility follows a detailed plan to carry out daily activities. The tight organization includes taking orders, processing them and offering logistic support especially with high-quality, fragile goods. The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city branch has XXX square feet of premises (storage, washing space, office, retail space), two delivery vehicles and a cutting-edge rinsing machine.
To simplify the administrative processes, [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] had special software called Leihoffice (Lease Office) designed. This program is a very important part of the success of the sample brand and ensures an optimum overview of the stocks and their borrowing hours at all times. In addition, entries can be made to block damaged goods and keep track of those returned.
The ways of packaging and storing the goods are preset. This way the space in the warehouse and in vans is optimally utilized and there are no damages or losses of small products. The criteria to determine whether a given product can remain in the leased range are also well-documented.
A very important part of the daily operations of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is cleaning kitchen utensils, in particular dishes and cutlery. [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] has set very strict requirements. The correct selection and the correct operation of the machines for the gastronomic needs and recommendations for selection of the cleaning agent are defined. Each dish or cutlery item is sealed and a certificate that guarantees the hygienic cleaning of these goods is provided.

1.3 Business Plan USP

The brand’s reputation is the most important USP. The company has built it over its XX-year market presence. It is recommended by countless prominent companies and establishments, such as the delicatessen “XXXXX” or the Chancellery. The trademark brand is protected by law and associated with the “XXXXX of non-food caterers” in the hospitality industry. Careful adherence to the standards in place for franchised licensees is at the core of every [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] operation. This commitment is also reflected in the training of employees and subcontractors, who leave the relevant impression shaping the client’s perception of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.].
The great efficiency of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.], consequent customer satisfaction and capacity for expansion are achieved mainly by the standardization of products and packaging, the software Leihoffice and the correct operation of facilities, in particular the washing process. By following the guidelines set by the parent company the branches enjoy high productivity, while remaining flexible enough for regional adaptations. The founder and business plan manager spent three years planning and preparing the franchise concept and gathered ideas in the US and Canada among other countries. His core beliefs evolved over time in his long career in gastronomy, event catering and the hotel industry. The continuous development of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.’s] expertise will allow the company to remain at the top in the long term. The vast network of well-located branches and well-coordinated exchange between them ensure there will always be enough leased goods. In addition, the branches uphold best-practice guidelines on marketing and operation levels.

1.4 Business Plan  Strategy / Vision

[Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] will continue to delight its well-paying clients in German-speaking countries and regions with perfect services in line with its high-value, pragmatic strategy. New licensees will become part of the network only if they prove they will manage the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] with diligence and zeal.
An important objective was addressed to strengthen the communication between the branches in the medium term and affirm the general concept of the company in the increasingly competitive environment. As age is an issue not only in the Sample city branch, but also affects the dynamics of management of individual branches, coordinated cooperation is even more important to ensure adequate drive for growth and development of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] in the long term.
A broad investment program is planned for the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city branch, which has two aims: improvement in the product lease capacity and new customer acquisition. The sample city, known as a hub of trade fairs and technology, offers good possibilities to help the faltering branch get back in the black given targeted researching is performed and customers are acquired.
The overall vision of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is to remain a market leader in upscale non-food catering and anchor the brand in the minds of German customers. At present [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is preparing to open a branch on XXXXX. This way the brand proves to itself expansion on new markets outside of Germany, yet controlled by German companies, is on the horizon of the parent company. The tight organization, flexibility and scalability of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] facility are applicable to many markets. The company’s steady long-term success ensures adequate resources for a profitable future.

2. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business Plan Market Analysis

Countless of data sources were used to assess the market conditions of the Business plan  Sample brand Sample city branch as accurately as possible. The non-food catering segment does not have a central union at this time that is organized enough to provide quality market research. The closest to a central union is the Partyservicebund e.V. (, which doesn’t have the required capacity and reports to the press that XXXX was a good year, but without specific figures. This is why we retrieved and analyzed national and regional consumer barometer, gastronomy, trade fair industry, event marketing, luxury goods sector and tourism industry data. The overall result of the analysis showed the quality-conscious non-food caterer market situation was indeed good both nationwide and in the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city (see location analysis), but there are numerous market risks due to the global economic crisis, fierce competition (see Competition Analysis) and the shrinking gastronomy industry.

Economic Barometer: Consumer sentiment in Germany is inconsistent as reflected in the GfK report from November XXXX. The economic outlook is improving, but Germans remain unsure in light of the European debt crisis and the declining economy. Despite the downward trends, economic prospects remain stable up until the end of XXXX. The index has improved for the third consecutive time. Germans believe that their income will increase in the future.
The stability is due primarily to the positive labor market figures. The high employment reduces the fear of job loss and thus promotes predictability. The consistently moderate inflation serves to encourage consumer spending, which is further stimulated by the weak propensity of German consumers to save because of very low interest rates and uncertainty caused by the European debt crisis.
Strong economic growth continues in Lower Saxony based on y/y data of the regional CCI. With real economic growth of X, X%, the pre-crisis levels of XXXX have been reached again. After two years with growth rates of more than X%, Lower Saxony currently enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in XX years. In order to stabilize the rapid economic recovery, the state government has established a policy for growth and employment. In recent years hundreds of millions have been invested in technological capability, for example at the Brunswick Research Airport, in the Lower Saxony Research Centre for Vehicle Technology or the CFK-Valley Stade.
The economic development in Lower Saxony is tense but solid in the third quarter of XXXX. Only one of ten companies finds its current business situation poor, but one in four companies is afraid of the prospects in the next year. These assessments, as well as insufficient new orders and falling exports in neighboring countries indicate stagnation on this market in the medium term.

Gastronomy: The gastronomy industry in Germany grew by X,X% in nominal and by X,X% in real value from January to August XXXX y/y according to data of the German Hotel and Catering Association (GHCA). The hotel industry, an important market factor, developed favourably nationwide. Just under XXX million overnight stays (X,X%) were counted in XXXX in establishments with more than nine beds, with Germany taking the first place in Europe. The data for Hessen in the following table show the stagnation in the gastronomy industry (except for the fast food establishments) and the growth of the catering industry (important rows marked red). There are currently XXX.XXX enterprises classified as catering companies nationwide with per annum revenue of X,X billion Euro (GHCA, Year XXXX).

Number of enterprises in the German gastronomy and hotel industry

Source: GHCA Hessen and Federal Statistics Office, Income tax statistic XXXX

Trade Fair Economy: Germany is one of the world’s leading trade fair venues. Two-thirds of all international trade fairs in a wide range of industries take place in Germany. In XXXX almost XXX.XXX exhibitors were participating in XXX international trade fairs. That’s just under X% up y/y. In XXXX there was a decrease of X%. Compared to XXXX, the key figures in XXXX rose very significantly (see following graphs). A larger-on-average exhibition stand is a good indicator for the Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd. sample city branch, as the company relies on fairs and major exhibitors have high budgets for high-quality non-food catering.


Source: AUMA Press release (XXXX)

Event Business: In XXXX the event business is expected to grow and event budgets to regain the levels of XXXX.
Event Budgets in Germany


Source: FAMAB Branchenbrief

In XXXX the German concern and event market recovered from the dramatic revenue drop in XXXX. After branch revenues dropped from X,X billion to X,X billion Euro by a total of XX% in XXXX and XXXX compared to XXXX, the peak revenue of XXXX was exceeded in XXXX with the record (almost) X billion Euro. This is why the branch aimed for growth of XX%. The revenue is based on XX,X million visitors, translating to profit of X% (two million consumers).There were a total of XXX,X million visits, almost XX million more than in XXXX.


Source: GfK-Press Release (XXXX)

Tourism: The German tourist industry generally has solid results. Luxury tourism is especially interesting. Well-off Chinese, UAE and Russian tourists are often encountered in German cities. Overnight stays of tourists from China and Hongkong in Germany increased by XX% y/y, while those of Russians increased by XX%. Pro capita spending, especially for shopping, shows a positive tendency. According to the tax free experts of Global Blue there was an increase of shopping expenses of around XX% y/y in XXXX. The luxury hotel segment increased by XX% y/y, the German art market by XX% and private/first class flights by XX%.Lower Saxony is an attractive destination with XX,X million overnight stays in XXXX. Its sea, mountains and nature parks make it the most popular northern province. There are more nature and amusement parks in Lueneburg Heath than anywhere else in Germany. The Zoo Experience Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd. city attained a new attraction in May XXXX – Yukon Bay – and developed into a unique European adventure park and zoo in recent years. The Automobile City of Wolfsburg had approx. X,XX million visitors in XXXX. The most important groups are from Holland, the UK, Denmark and Poland. In summer the industry naturally experiences a boom.

Luxury goods market: The German luxury goods market is growing rapidly and growth is stronger than in all other European countries. Turnover increased by XX% to XX,X billion Euro y/y according to a luxury market survey by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, ordered by a branch association called the Master Circle German Luxury Forum, which was established in May XXXX. Growth improved substantially upon the previous year (XX%). Germany is a worldwide leader, clearly surpassing the global luxury market growth of about X%. Highest growth was observed with watches (XX%), jewellery (XX%), and fashion and accessories (XX%). The German luxury vehicle market skyrocketed by XX%.Germany’s largest representative consumer survey with XX.XXX interviews per year pointed to a trend towards enhancing personal luxury, which was socially unacceptable just a few years ago, namely the “Typology of Wishes”. In the affluent age group of XX-XX XX% agreed with the statement, “I treat myself to expensive things, luxury makes life beautiful”, which increased in XXXX to around XX%. Another indication of the attitude change is the agreement with the statement, “I like to go to exclusive shops”. Here the agreement increased from XX% in XXXX to XX% in XXXX. Agreement with this statement among boys also increased – by X-X%.
A survey of the top management of Master Circle member companies paints a positive picture for XXXX. Most market segments expect a revenue growth between XX and XX%. In order to realize the growth potential, the companies plan an increase of their investments of up to XX% for the expansion of the branch network and additional marketing. The number of employees should increase significantly both in the sales and in the administrative departments. In some cases profit is deliberately avoided to lay a solid foundation for the anticipated growth in the years to come.

Conclusion: The market conditions for the Sample brand are quite positive in light of several factors: solid consumer confidence in spite of the downturn, solid growth of the catering industry despite an overall stagnant gastronomy industry, and very good data from the exhibition industry, the tourism industry and the luxury goods market. However, market distortions are expected in the short or medium term as a result of the ever more threatening world crisis scenario in the long term. Paradoxically, the luxury segment will suffer the least due to the lower price flexibility. This is also the reason why Roland Berger’s experts are so optimistic about the market.

2.1 Business Plan Competition

An almost infinite number of companies with a similar business focus are active in the field of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] The startup will have to invest significant resources in marketing to be able to remain competitive. Recommendations and conventional print marketing will not be sufficient to achieve the desired revenue and expansion in the short term. The quality of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.’s] products and services distinguish it from other brands. Often competitors are unable to meet clients’ demands and deprive themselves of the opportunity to be promoted and to become more recognized through recommendations and positive experiences. Consistently good work, professionalism and credibility are appreciated by customers and can be used to compete effectively. Price-based competition can be risky, especially as many corporate clients have cut their budgets in the crisis. This is exactly what Volkswagen did. It was [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] sample city’s most important client, which is why the company has been operating at a loss in the past three years.
There are three classes of competitors, whose activities exert a significant influence on the Sample brand’s business. First, there are the price-aggressive, professional, national non-food caterers such as ProfiMiet ( or M. Ferber Party-Miet-Service e.K. ( Then there are the national party service / catering / cafeteria- operating companies such as Aramark (, Apetito (, Dahlmann Ltd. (, Compass Group Deutschland Ltd. (,  Mövenpick (, Party Rent (, Perfect Show Events (, Esmeyer (, Broich Premium Catering ( or MKS Premium Catering ( Finally, there are regional competitors like Event-Mietservice Ltd., [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city (www.eventmietservice-business plan, Sternzeit Catering ( and restaurant catering services like La Piazzetta ( There are dozens of skilled, small-scale competitors like this Italian restaurant, which can be seen on www.Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd. The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] must compete with all three classes with unique selling points in order to remain on the market long-term. The company should get an edge over its strongest competitors – national non-food caterers – through enhanced market presence and better service quality, taking away high-value customers and ensuring long-term commitment. [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] should compete with standard catering companies and party service providers effectively by offering a wider range of high-quality leased goods. Collaborations using the strengths of similar established companies are a good idea. A good example of this is Business Plan Musterstadtaner provider Music & Light VT (, known mainly for party electronics. The smaller regional providers should not be allowed to take away [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.’s] important target group clients through their bespoke product range and greater proximity to customers. The flexibility of the local branches concurrent with a much greater range of services is enhanced by the symbiosis with other [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] facilities in northern Germany. The strong search-engine-optimized portal XXXCatering (, which has a special luxury non-food catering page, deserves special mention particularly due to the Business plan facility’s location in Sample City. According to the profile the website is a finder tool for local catering providers. The website, which has a significant amount of pure SEO content, actually keeps referencing to the company Wengenroth and Partners (www.wengenroth-and-partner /). This is, in fact, a marketing and management consultancy firm based in [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city that specializes in search engine optimization. It is necessary to clarify whether this company would be a good partner or a potentially dangerous competitor given its extremely skillful internet marketing. In the latter case, the company would be a direct niche competitor, since it explicitly targets high-end customers.
A broad contact network could be developed through cooperation, by attending industry events, with sponsorship events and by directly contacting promising potential customers. The company will be able to promote sustainable growth of the loyal customer base quickly based on this network of contacts. This way the company can withstand the ever increasing competition, increase the value of its brand and take root regionally and nationally. We can conclude that the status of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is generally satisfactory in terms of competitiveness. The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city site will be rehabilitated successfully thanks to the competence of the manager and the planned investments and despite the immense pressure from competitors.

2.2 Business plan target group

[Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] targets high-value clients in the hotel/gastronomy/trade fair industries, both companies and private entities. Revenue is typically derived from these three target groups equally, although there can be location-based deviations. For example, orders from state institutions form the bulk in the Berlin branch. What all of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.’s] clients have in common is the desire for perfect event planning and clean, high-quality leased goods. A big client from the automobile industry played a big role for [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city in the past. There are plans to maintain this contact and acquire more clients in this industry. The following is a list of the biggest companies in the area of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city. Attractive potential clients are framed in red.


Source: CCI Lower Saxony

Another focus of the operations involves attracting customers from the exhibition and event industry. The size and prominence of the exhibition industry in Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd. city and the numerous major local events will certainly help the company make significant progress in obtaining a share of this market.

2.3 Business plan risks

The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] model faces primarily operative and political risks. One recent example is the changes in taxation, which the Party Service Association e.V. finds impacted the business model of catering companies negatively. Stricter requirements with regard to hygiene are expected in XXXX (partly due to the recent norovirus epidemic). However, we of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] believe the more stringent hygiene requirements will affect mostly low-cost providers’ business. It is important that marketing investment be aimed at the target group and generate more revenue. The manager has the necessary knowledge and contacts to quickly hike up the revenue of the recently faltering [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city branch. The numerous challenges of the business model are very likely to be overcome given his experience and qualifications.Other risks may arise in day-to-day operations, such as dishwasher malfunction. To this end, sample brand businesses are advised to maintain very good communication with the manufacturers and to think ahead when they are buying cleaning products and installing water filters/softeners. Insurance is a key issue when operating with valuable and fragile goods. Health and accident insurance and labor and service agreement details (especially with long-term subcontractors) must be researched very thoroughly in order to ensure legal protection.  [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] has had a special agreement with the “Leipziger” insurance for several years, which guarantees the company insurance coverage across the board on very favorable terms.

3. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business Plan SWOT-Analysis

The following SWOT matrix gives a clear picture of all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats:


4. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business Plan Location

Due to its location, the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city offers attractive starting conditions for potentially profitable operations of the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] branch. The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city and the region of Lower Saxony are a business hub and travel destination in the heart of Europe. A good infrastructure of roads, railways and waterways enables fast connections to national and international markets.
The wealth of the region is based mainly on a strong industry. The Lower Saxony Harbor Group shipped XX.X million tons in XXXX, which puts it in position X in Germany. The largest cruise ships in the world are built in Lower Saxony, as are parts for XXX, the biggest planes in the world. The headquarters of Volkswagen are located in the sample city. The Brunswick-Wolfsburg greater area is one of the largest metropolitan areas of the automotive industry in Europe. Numerous research institutes for aerospace and other innovative industries are based in the region. Lower Saxony also has a strong agrarian industry and is a leader in the renewable energy sector.
[Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city is considered to be one of the most important German trade fair locations. Since XXXX visitors from around the world have come here to see the latest achievements in industry, technology and science in Germany. Its CeBIT, the Agritechnica, the Biotechnica and the IAA Commercial Vehicles are world-famous. The German Trade Fair Group organizes over XX events in the Business plan city with XXX staff a year.
The sample city has a very attractive location. The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] sample city branch is located in the Kriegerstrasse XX, north of the center, with very good road access. We can conclude that it will benefit optimally from the favorable onsite conditions.

5. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business plan partner/s

Partner companies of various types are very important for the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] both in terms of the purchase of equipment for leasing and facilities as well as for administrative or financial processes. The most important partner companies are listed below. A potential partner company is presented, which [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] can use to gain a unique edge over competitors in an important non-food catering segment.


6. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business plan marketing

6.1 Business plan pricing

The founder and manager of the Sample brand has pursued a strategy of quality leadership ever since its launch. The [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] is inseparable from its reputation as the “XXXXXX of non-food caterers” and therefore has the best access to the most affluent, highest-value clients. The high prices are therefore an important feature of the business model because they guarantee perfect services and performance. The company goes so far as to quote a British social reformer on “being rich and cheap goods” on its website and in catalogs.

6.2 Business plan communication strategy

As already mentioned, [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] builds on strong marketing to communicate the advantages of its offers through multiple channels. In addition to conventional media (print advertising, trade shows, cold calling, etc.), we also utilize electronic media to attract customers.
The sample brand, multiple winner of the Catering Star award, and its corporate identity are present daily on each level of communication with current and future customers, suppliers and employees. The logo with confetti fountain, slogan ( “We’ll make your party shine!”) and the bright turquoise are to be seen not only on marketing channels, but also on the delivery van, correspondence, on the uniforms of the staff and of course the packaging and hygiene certificates. The brand book, which the franchisee abides by, details the structure of the retail premises. Potential customers can look at the goods and receive expert advice on their event.  Over the course of time and development of the company it emerged that the name “Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.” had been chosen very cleverly. The company name is not only among the first ones in alphabetical yellow pages – it also amuses cold call recipients, leading them to open their ears.Presence at trade fairs is very important for the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.]. The company disposes of modern, high-quality exhibition equipment, which can be used by any branch participating in a fair. The parent company organizes central exhibits. Among the fairs in sample city where branches can be featured are „TrauDich!“ (Trust you), „Hochzeitstage“ (Wedding days) or the Wedding Expo in Sheraton, the gastronomy fair „GastroTrends“, lifestyle expos „Lebensart“ (Way of life) or „Christmas“, the biggest Christmas fair in Germany. Consumer goods expos such as „Infa“, „Garten & Ambiente“ (Garden and Ambience), „ReiseZeit“ (Travel time) or the regional SME fair. Taking part in these fairs could be a lucrative way of acquiring clients and partners.Well-designed catalogs are printed and issued to ensure the company will be remembered. The company also prints a series of flyers, which have advertising slogans on one side and tips and advice for a successful event on the other, such as how to fold napkins properly or which cocktails are appropriate for which occasion. These tips are also listed on the website. There is currently no glossy brochure or such print advertising for promotional purposes. This has been criticized by some [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] licensees, which is why there are plans to create a high-quality brochure in the next few years. Giveaways will be organized on the premises of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] as well as at trade fairs and to a lesser extent also upon delivery of rental equipment with the aim to attract new clients. These goods are mainly classic promotional gifts like matchboxes, but also pens, wet wipes and mints. These gifts are used to make [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] more memorable. They are more likely to be remembered by potential customers than leaflets or brochures. In the long term, the range of freebies could be extended to include innovative products, like the magnets and post-its put on refrigerators and kitchen utensils in the US. The sample brand website, currently being reconstructed, is a key element in the overall marketing strategy. It was last redesigned in XXXX in order to meet the growing demands of the German catering business. The site, which features pages on branch locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and includes pure advertising and marketing elements, generates significant revenue. Here clients can view catalog pictures and prices of all products and make orders when they log in a password-protected area. All pages feature advertising content. At the bottom clients can leave feedback on the service quality. There is also a page of references, key suppliers and partners. [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] has barely done any Internet advertising. It currently has deficits both in the area of traditional keyword or email marketing as well as in the use of social networks. Moreover, the company ranks much lower in the most important keyword searches than its competitors. There is a lot of quality content on the site, but it is duplicated because of the design. It is likely that this circumstance as well as the occasionally hidden pages affect search engine ranking and readership adversely. [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] also has no video marketing and no continuous news flow management. Both instruments would help promote the company and result in a higher ranking if put to good use.

7. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business plan manager

Mr. [Business Plan] is the manager and managing partner of [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] Mr. [Business plan] founded [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] XX years ago and has XX years of experience in gastronomy. He has proven time and again that he is able to put struggling companies back on the track to growth. He stands out with his fierce entrepreneur spirit, ambition and love for detail.


Although his journey has been a long one, Mr. Business plan still has a lot of enthusiasm and spirit and is developing his business steadily on the levels of IT, product range and marketing. Buying out problematic branches (in some cases unclear succession in management is an important reason to sell) helps affirm and spur the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] toward growth.
His vast market knowledge, leadership skills and traits ensure Mr. Business plan manager will be able to bring the [Catering Business Plan Sample Ltd.] city branch back in the black. His numerous personal contacts will play an important role in this context.

8. Catering Business Plan Sample: Business plan staff

The staffing needs and tasks are presented in the following table.

Starting date:Description:Task/s:
StartedDriver/Assistant (full time)Support the manager in all his duties, especially cleaning leased goods upon return, responsible for delivery, etc.

X. Quarter

Customer service/ marketing (full time)Run daily business, administrative duties, support manager in customer acquisition, consult and help clients with problems, cultivate and dynamize company image, maintain client network, create newsletter, online work, help with events and fairs, etc.

X. Quarter

Secretary (part time)Support the team in administrative functions, take orders, create offers, phone services, etc.

9. Catering Business Plan Sample: Financial Planning

9.1 Business Plan Clarification

After three years of operating at a loss the company’s capital base has eroded. Shareholder loans are needed to recapitalize the company for the planned investments. In the current fiscal year XXXX it is possible to make a small profit due to the liquidation, but the operating revenue has plummeted and most of the processes have been shut down. The new shareholder loan of XXX.XXX will cover the initial capital requirement during the turn-around because payment is demanded for services. The other cost parameters, in particular personnel, leasing and event costs are planned so that no additional borrowing will be necessary. Sample Brand is expected to enter the market quickly due to the available contact network as the reputation of the brand speaks for itself. The revenue volume will skyrocket thanks to high marketing investments.

9.2 Revenue Source Clarification

Reactivated clients will generate revenue of around XX.XXX Euro starting from the very first month. The monthly revenue should reach ca. XX.XXX Euro by the end of XXXX. Annual revenue will increase by XX% between XXXX and XXXX and again between XXXX and XXXX by ca. XX%. The sample brand’s market segment is difficult to predict as the positive effects mentioned in the market analysis could easily lead to higher revenues, which is why this estimate is rather conservative. The annual revenue will attain growth of XX-XX% in the long term. After the second year the revenue in the first month of the following year will start to decline y/y. This is accounted for by the expectation that demand will rise around Christmas (seasonal) and revenues in January will drop in comparison. Despite this, progressive revenue growth is still expected.


Source: Financial plan (estimates of manager, numbers in Euro)

We expect business entities, including trade fair participants to account for slightly higher revenue portion than the other two target groups, namely hotel / gastronomy and private clients. We thus expect a revenue ratio of X: X:X for the three target groups.
The breakdown by sector is as follows (see chart). The leasing business accounts for around two-thirds of the total revenue. The rest is generated by selling products and services. The most important segment overall is leasing dishes / utensils, contributing to one-third of the total result.


Source: Financial plan (estimates of manager, numbers in Euro)

9.3.Business plan capital

Mr. Business Plan will provide XXX% of company capital as the sole managing partner of the branch.


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