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Overview- Topics covered in this article:

► Comparison Chart: Business Plan Software vs. Secondary Providers vs. Specialized Providers
► BrainHive Business Plan Writing Service Available to You
► More Information About Business Plan Objectives and Business Plan Services

Chances and Risks of Hiring a Business Plan Service

Are you thinking of using business plan writing services to obtain a professional business plan for your project? To buy a business plan from a business plan database or hire a business plan writing service / business plan consulting company is not entirely free of risk. Why?

  • Inexperienced business plan consultants frequently miss the golden thread of plausibility between founder, idea and market, unable to understand the actual story behind the entrepreneurial endeavor. Learn more about how to audit a professional business plan writer’s competence and see how to find the best consultant.
  • Business plan amateur consultants (and sometimes even the founder themselves) sometimes get lost in hollow chatter and exaggerated enthusiasm.
  • If the business plan writer is more a copywriter than a business professional, he might not interpret the numbers in an intelligent way, or the business plan might otherwise be inaccurate, specifically when it comes to the market analysis.
  • Many business plan advisors overlook some important details, leading to unpleasant questions during loan discussions and credit talks.
  • Custom business and financial plans by BrainHive will always satisfy any need at 100%. With 8 years of experience, and creation of more than 400 business plans, we know exactly what it takes.



Professional business plan consulting regardless of your reason to have your business plan written:

► External bank financing, funding, or venture lenders

► Director visa (for foreign founders)

► For convincing partners and other stakeholders

► As a real estate guarantee, or for cooperation commitment requests

► As internal control/validation instrument


We are at your service to deliver the best business plan at unusually modest rates. (Clients in the UK, please see business plan costs for clients from the UK).

BrainHive Business Plan Writing Services: Business Plans Made to Measure


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In order for your business plan consulting firm to create your business plan, you should describe your business idea as deeply as possible. Please send us your information by email, or phone interview (+49 6192 7034253), or use our BrainHive business plan questionnaire. We will then obtain any required information related to the product market, performance, competitors, location, marketing media (fairs, magazines, associations, etc.) and customer target group from existing databases, or the internet using manual investigation. Is a financial plan all you need? You may also have only your business plan’s financial plan created by us.

Having your business plan written by a qualified business plan service will not get easier than this! Due to our comprehensive business/sales knowledge, we will infuse ample amounts of knowledge and thought into your business plan so you also receive individual consulting and business model expertise you can use in your company formation.

The fully completed business plan will have between 16 to 25 pages, containing all minimally required points as well as additional points that enhance the plan in a professional way (see outline example). The financial plan will have 8 to 10 pages, and contains a complete 3-years financial projections in our standard version (see financial plan template/example: investment plan, turnover plan/derivation, staff planning, expenses plan, balance, profit-and-loss calculation, and a liquidity and parameters evaluation.

A Business Plan Writing Service That Understands Your Needs

Business Plan Writing Service - Business Plan Consulting - PeopleBrainHive is one of few professional business plan consulting firms offering performance packages for custom business plans, including financial plan, starting at US$637,- / €547.- (basic models) to US$937,- / €847.- (more complex models). We are able to offer business plan consulting even for large scale market rollouts, complex turnaround plans, and international company launches within the scope of our complete ENTERPRISE packages. Read more about business plan costs by filling out the fields of our business plan cost calculator form.

Read a business plan example, and get convinced of the high quality we are offering at BrainHive. Have us create your business plan: And guarantee yourself a great start!




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Some More Information About Business Plans and Business Plan Services


Business Plan Writing Service - Business Plan Consulting - ChartWhy do you need a business plan?

The business plan is based on the concept, or strategy, to display and position a company or a startup on the market.

Any crucial intentions, steps, and targets will be determined considering a time frame of 3 to 5 years. It is essential for business founders to write a business plan – you will need it for negotiations with banks and other financial institutions. A business concept is not only essential for financial reasons, but also for management of young companies. Your business plan is a credential for competency, and market potential.

In order to remove doubts of financial institutions and investors, the business plan should also mention risk minimization aspects; which strategies does the business founder in case any business targets will not be reached as planned? Other important issues include operational steps of the business, and range related to staff. Scheduled investments leading to success on the long run, are crucial.


Writing a business plan helps detecting errors in reasoning

A business plan will force the business founder to think about his business project in an elementary, detailed way – in order to avoid expensive “trial and error”. This prevents a concept to fail because of thoughtlessness. Related to lenders, the plan will provide safety and security, that the entrepreneur thoroughly reflected his foundation idea, and that he will be able to gain profit over time. This first step of a business plan is a crucial stage on the company’s way, independently of sectors, and a compass orientated on reality (also see our article about creating an Executive Summary).

Whether you write your business plan yourself, or decide to use our business plan services, you must realize any aspects requiring revision in a timely manner. The more concrete the core business idea is phrased, the easier certain steps could be planned, allowing a more realistic calculation. The business plan is able to alert about risks, and show the impact of an exact documentation. What a blueprint is for an architect, the business plan means to a business man. Any relevant information about the business model and ideas will be gathered, evaluated, structured, and checked for faults and uncertainties. Based on this, entrepreneurs may calculate if they have the required funding. Forewarned is forearmed –  under this motto, a business can help preventing possible pitfalls.


Business plan as communication media

The business plan will help the entrepreneur to justify their (hopefully) optimistic expectations to investors, and to prove their own qualifications, know how, and target orientation on the side of directors. Thus, they will be able to demonstrate that their plans have matured.

Which aspects will make the product or service appealing and successful on the market? Which are the niche and distinction features of the offer? How big is demand of such a service or product, and how could it be distributed? Where does funding come from, and how will each part of it be used? How could the rate of used funds and gained return be optimized? And an emergency exit plan should be provided, in case there will be no sustainable success on the market for the business idea.

Only by doing exact calculation beforehand (balance, cash flow, etc.), banks and lenders could be convinced of profitability. This includes to demonstrate large-scaled arrangements for a stable market share, and development opportunities for the business. Receiving external funds is bound to the conviction power of the business model. Business structures based on ongoing stability will have higher expectations regarding investors’ funds compared to “trendsetters”.


Conclusion: Better Shorten The Long Way by Hiring Experienced Business Plan Writers

If you contact a business plan writing service such as BrainHive, you will get an optimized 360º view of requirements of business plan recipients. We will fill any conceptual gaps, being mindful for professional phrasing, and research hard to include market intelligence which are interesting for investors.

Therefore, if you were considering hiring business plan consultants to help you out, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly support your project.

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