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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you will find answers to all frequently asked questions, as well as all important PDF downloads (briefings, legal information & examples) neatly in one place.


Quick Overview of Answers

PRICE: 80% of our projects are priced in the range of 800-1,800 Euros / 1,000-2,000 USD, we are one of the price-efficient international service providers in our niche.
BRAINHIVE: BrainHive has been around since 2008, our network is stretched between Frankfurt, Munich, London and Central America, we have numerous partners and serve founders worldwide.
GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS: There is no 100% guarantee of success. In addition to our 25% money-back guarantee and the customary success rate of approx. 60-70% (it is officially assumed that the chance will be tripled by professional support), above all to consider the responsibility of the founders.
DURATION: The standard processing time is 10-14 working days (EXPRESS: 2-3 working days) and the correction loops 1-3 working days per loop.
PROCEDURE: Initial discussion / correspondence -> preparation of the offer -> briefing & deposit -> drafting -> acceptance & final payment -> correction loops
REFERENCES: You can find our references HERE and you can view sample plans in our online collection HERE, and a small selection of our off-page publications can be viewed HERE.
LANGUAGES: We create business plans in all languages, our mother tongues are German and English, in-house languages ​​are also Spanish and Portuguese, all other languages ​​are covered by our network / software.
FREE PLANS & PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS: Apart from our scholarship program, we do not write any plans against participation or similar Constellations. We also do not make advance payments. In cases of hardship, conditions can be interpreted more flexibly, but within a narrow framework.


Briefings as PDF download (Legal / Samples Downloads end of this page)

General Information Brochure
Business Plan Questionnaire
Showcase Portfolio Business Planning
White Paper: Toolbox for Fledgling Entrepreneurs
– Instructions Sheet for BrainHive Financial Plan Template
Presentation “Business Plan Made Easy”
– Presentation “Business plan error”


Detailed Answers

1. Which Documentation Will Be Necessary to Get Help Writing Professional Business Plan?
2. Which Other Information Will Be Required for Receiving Business Plan Help?
3. How Long Will It Take BrainHive to Complete the Business Plan Writing Project?
4. How Much Does It Cost to Make Use of BrainHive to Help With the Business Plan?
5. How Does BrainHive Determine the Category of a Business Plan Assignment (ASSISTANCE, SIMPLE, COMPLEX, or ENTERPRISE)?
6. How is the Business Plan Creation Process at BrainHive Structured?


1. Which Documentation Will Be Necessary to Get Help Writing Professional Business Plan?

To help you with your business plan, we will need minimum the following documents/information:

– Founder’s resume/CV, additional information about the team/owner structure, if applicable

– List of products and services

– Name, location, own resources, target external funding, and legal form of the company

– Revenue and profit estimate for the first 3 years


The following additional documents , if available, would also be useful for us to help you write an outstanding business plan. Especially if your business plan is not for a startup, but for an existing business:

– Exposé or leasing contract of the leased property/property of purchase

– business evaluation forms (BWAs)

– Commercial registry registration

– Associates agreement

– Correspondence with lenders (banks, financial institutes, business angels etc.)

– Product catalogue, promotion brochures of your company, in case of food service industry: Menu

– Letters of intent, and information about prospective affiliates (customers, providers, logistics, banks, lawyers, insurances, etc.)

2. Which Other Information Will Be Required for Receiving Business Plan Help?

With the above mentioned material, we will be able to work adequately, and will get back to you in case of any questions. We always recommend founders to fill in our business plan questionnaire, especially when dealing with very complex startups. If you have additional information and documents, such as market research you did yourself, presentations you created, or charts you prepared, you may make this information available to us. We will always treat any documents confidentially.

3. How Long Will It Take BrainHive to Complete the Business Plan Writing Project?

Creating your business plan will take between 7-10 business days, depending on our current project flow and complexity of your company concept.

If it is very urgent, please inform us before assigning your order, and we will try to fulfill your requirements. For express orders, we charge a 20% express surcharge of the order amount, and guarantee your plan will be drafted within 2 business days.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Make Use of BrainHive to Help With the Business Plan?

In 90% of all cases, costs will be between US $670 for simple concepts, and US $1,170 for more complex concepts. In singular cases, such as companies with more than 2 business areas, international startups, franchise models with a complex financial plan, or especially demanding funding requirements, generally starting with US $250,000 of external funding, no flat rate will be possible, as the amount of work would be too high. Please contact us to get a quote for an ENTERPRISE packet business plan.

5. How Does BrainHive Determine the Category of a Business Plan Assignment (ASSISTANCE, SIMPLE, COMPLEX, or ENTERPRISE)?

Retail, simple international trade, freelancer or gastronomy concepts with a funding amount below US $100,000 typically require REGULAR business plans. The written part of the business plan will be about 14-16 pages long. Anything else will typically be COMPLEX, or even ENTERPRISE. The written part for COMPLEX will be about 15-18 pages long, and more detailed work will be required related to market evaluation.

If the work required for your business plan could not be covered by the COMPLEX package price, you will have to order an ENTERPRISE business plan. Price of these business plans will be calculated upon request, and typically amount to US $1,400-1,800. The written part of this type of business plans usually consists of apprx. 30 pages, with an oftentimes very complex financial part.

6. How is the Business Plan Creation Process at BrainHive Structured?

The process is as follows: You contact us, detailing your requirements, and we will send you an offer. If you place an order related to this offer, a prepayment of 60% of the total order amount will be due and payable to our account. As soon as we receive the amount, we will start creating the first draft. By this time, we will request additional information and documents, if required.

You will receive draft of the written part as password and copy protected pdf, and the financial plan pdf, within 7-10 business days. The second rate will be due by that time. As soon as the second rate has been paid, you will receive the written part of the business plan, and the open Excel file, if you have either ordered COMPLEX or ENTERPRISE. If you ordered a REGULAR business plan, we will require a financial plan license for the open Excel worksheet file at a price of US $117, but usually you will be perfectly fine with the PDFs.

Finally, drafts will be revised in cooperation with the startup, until a satisfactory final version was drafted. You may also want to book a coaching by that time, preparing you for your loan interviews.


BrainHive confidentiality statement (for founders)
General Terms and Conditions of BrainHive Consulting
– General Terms and Conditions of BrainHive Marketing

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