Writing a Business Plan for an Australian Startup

Are you considering starting a business in Australia? Writing a comprehensive business plan for Australia includes conduction very specific research. If this venture marks your first in the business world, the creation of a business plan might seem a daunting task. But the research and compilation for the plan will actually make it easier to start up business operations, acquire business loans, obtain venture capital, and even actually run and grow your business. You can find a multitude of helpful websites with tips, templates and tools to get started.

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Help Getting Started With Your Business Planning process

Sometimes, you should just go for it and get started on your business plan for an Australian startup without hesitating and going through arduous preparations. You’re NOT in this alone: It’s recommended to contact a professional business plan consultant.

Other than that, the Australian government and some of the regional government bodies provide helpful websites with templates, tools, and educational articles to help you research and write about each aspect of your business plan. For a national perspective and information that applies to all regions, visit business.gov.au. The federal government’s website goes beyond business plans to help educate you on every aspect of starting, running and growing a business. It provides:

  • videos on business tools and tips
  • business apps
  • business plan templates
  • key task checklists


Business planning step-by-step guides for Australian startups provide significant help for those new to running a business. That is how the checklists on the website will help jumpstart your venture. You will find each step laid out on a checklist for the following key tasks:

  • starting a business
  • growing a business
  • hiring employees
  • transitioning from a sole trader to a company
  • conducting market research
  • meeting the standards and codes of practice

An informative checklist guide accompanies these quick guides, providing additional information on each aspect.


Australia Business Plan: Further Free Web Resources

The regions of Victoria and Queensland also offer websites designed to help plan, establish, run and grow businesses in Australia. They offer a combined national and regional perspective. Each offers advice and tools similar to those offered on the federal site, but also addresses regional issues, challenges and solutions. Both sites offer specific guides to authoring a business plan:

Check out these two resources: Victoria: Write A Business Plan and Queensland: Business Planning Kit. Victoria’s site additionally focuses on the importance of a business plan when it comes to obtaining financial investments and on conducting your SWOT analysis, while Queenland’s site offers insight into obtaining grant funding from the Small Business Digital Grants and the Accelerate Small Business Grants programs.


Success Factors for Planning a Business in Australia

Your professional and comprehensive business plan in Australia might be your biggest success factor. In developing it you devise a detailed set of goals, tasks, and milestones to achieve business success. It shows angel investors and banks that you have a well thought-out financial, marketing, and operations plan. Two keys to success in Australia include obtaining and appropriately utilizing digital technologies and services, and engaging an experienced mentor or business advisor, especially during the first formative year. The Queensland government site offers insight into both of these needs. The federal government site offers a guide specific to indigenous women who want to establish a business, addressing their special needs, challenges and solutions.


Writing Your Australia Business Plan Yourself

Perhaps the easiest way to create your business plan yourself is to download the MyBizPlan tablet app from the federal site. This free business planning app for Android and iPad contains a suite of interactive apps that guide you through the development process. You can store your finished plan online and easily access it to update it regularly. If you rather work offline on a computer, you can download the business plan template. Either way, the comprehensive kit includes details on developing every aspect of the business plan, including the marketing plan, financial templates like a start-up costing sheet and cash flow statement, and templates for your emergency management & recovery plans.

You can establish and run a successful business in Australia, but your first order of business is to write your business plan for your Australia Startup, keeping specifics in mind. Its development will guide your start-up phase, and its continued review and update will help develop your business’ growth!

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