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Whatever the purpose of your business plan, our business plan writers here at BrainHive are your reliable partners with more than 8 years of experience and over 400 successfully completed plans. Our Top Tip to achieve all your business plan targets in one shot: Competence is key, regardless of whether you choose to work with business plan consultants or not.

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Overview- Topics covered in this article:

1. Let a Professional Business Plan Writer Help You Obtain Your Financing

A business plan writer’s job, whether you’re starting a business or working on corporate expansion, is often aimed at crafting a plan that will easily obtain financing for you. The financing usually will come through a start-up loan or start-up support.

The basis for commitment here is that the business plan can be plausibly followed and that the business model can be successful in the long term. There are several indicators for this, such as liquidity or investment plan. Sometimes it is a really complex matter. The figures must be realistic. Everything must be well-thought out. This is exactly what our business plan experts can help you out with. A business plan consultant knows what is important.

The business plan should include realistic market analysis data showing that the projected sales can ensure repayment. A calculated risk can help avoid the worst-case scenario. The investment / capital requirement plan (see our financial plan template on our blog) shows all potential costs and expenses. Loan providers want to be guaranteed repayment even if the company goes bankrupt. A professional business plan consultant will tell you that tangible assets such as construction machinery are usually seen as a more lucrative investment compared to individual or virtual services such as a website, as these can easily translate into funds in the event of insolvency. These are facts you need to consider when preparing for your loan discussion.

In order to obtain financing the founder must leave the impression that he has the skills necessary to successfully implement his business ideas. Good knowledge builds confidence and increases the chances of repaying the loan, by getting a job in another company if necessary. In any case, the personality of the company founder is important

2. Business Plan Experts Will Help You Get the Financing You Need to Start Your Business

The numerous small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in the US, Europe and the rest of the world are characterized by innovation and flexibility. Entrepreneurs are willing to take risks, flexible and fully convinced of their business idea, whereby they create high-value workplaces. The financing programs are aimed at facilitating start-ups, and it is possible to start a company without having any equity capital. These programs provide the necessary financial resources, but they also entail certain responsibilities. The business plan that is submitted to qualify for funding must prove that the company is offering added value to society. Your plan will be approved only if the turnover, capital requirements and the expected returns have been sufficiently established.

A professional business plan shouldn’t simply be “good enough”. It should be oriented to the respective funding program with appropriate wording and adequately adjusted numerical values. Since funds are most usually earmarked the focus of the plan will depend on the business model.

Our professional business plan writers will provide the necessary support to obtain optimal funding for your business. Do not hesitate to contact us and clarify all your doubts during a personal call with one of our savvy business plan consultants.

3. Our Business Plan Consultants Will Help You Get A Start-Up Subsidy

The employment agency in Germany for example provides a start-up subsidy in the first months of self-employment, which MAY be paid out (it is not unconditional!)- the same goes for many public grant programs available to entrepreneurs in your country. This is how it would look for you as a micropreneur in Germany:

– 300,00 euro a month + unemployment benefits in the first six months
– 300,00 euro in the next nine months

Since start-up subsidies in Germany and many other countries are no longer unconditional following legislative amendments, it is important to present a professional business plan to be eligible for them. The focus of the business plan is completely different based on whether the employment office or investors are looking at it. For example, you need to prove that you require the subsidy to build a solid business. Liquidity and turnover projections with and without the subsidy must be put in comparison.

The key to all this is being able to make a realistic evaluation of the prospective sales and profits and to find the right balance. If the revenue is too high, you may ask yourself, “Is the subsidy even necessary?” If it’s too low, “Is the company viable?”

We will support you with our know-how and experience. Ask about the fees of our business plan consultants.

4. Business Plan Objective: Employment Entry Benefit

As a recipient of unemployment benefits, you are perhaps eligible for employment entry benefits to become self-employed. The standard is a monthly payment. You will also be receiving social security payments along with unemployment benefit, but your income will be offset against the bigger portion of unemployment benefit.

When applying you will need an employment entry benefit (reintegration benefit) business plan, based on which the benefit is approved by the job center. It is important to provide solid data and show a realistic possibility of success. The business plan, in particular its financial section, must prove that becoming self-employment is a way out of long-term unemployment and will allow you to make a living.

Our business plan consultants would be glad to give you a quote and help move your sound business plan forward.

5. Business Plan Consulting for Venture Capital Investors

A venture capital company invests in enterprises to share in their success. You will only convince such a company to invest if your business idea has great potential. It is predictably difficult for small local SMEs to find a venture capital firm.

On the other hand, if you plan to operate on a large or even the international market, then you might well have realistic chances of finding such an investor. Tech startups specifically are viable candidates here. Your business plan must not only convince the investor that your business has good prospects of success, but also that you believe in your dream and firmly back your enterprise.

The focus will therefore be on the potential of your idea and on your team. Keep in mind that such companies receive a lot of business plans from very different candidates. You need to stand out from the crowd to catch their eye – our professional business plan writers and consultants will help you craft the perfect plan!

6. Business Plan Consulting to Attract Business Partners

Looking for a new, long-term business partner? Big customers, landlords, service providers, suppliers and other entities all require a business partnership plan before deciding to sign a contract. Even potential employees want to get an idea of a new company before they sign their employment contract.

A business plan is an image of your future business. Our business plan consultants can help you present yourself as professionally as possible.

7. Business Plan Consulting to Attract Shareholders

If you aim to find an investor who will buy shares in your company, you should keep in mind that they will probably want a say in certain aspects of the business. For this reason, it makes sense to leave room for changes in some parts of the business plan, specifically in areas such as legal status, financing or certain target figures, that will then be subject to finalization at a later time.

The business plan’s market entry strategy merits special attention. A realistic analysis of the market and sales potential will build trust in you. The better your figures, the bigger your chance of finding an investor who’ll be interested in acquiring shares in your business right from the start. A sound business plan written by our experts will help you convince potential investors of your lucrative idea.

8. Business Plan Objective: Internal Planning And Control

A business plan is often used to convince external business partners or financial backers of a business idea. However, it also serves to give the founder himself a sense of security. He has thought over all the aspects and ramifications of his business idea and has a clear strategy. The business plan is also a reliable tool for the founder to plan the concrete steps of the start-up and the initial time frame, in which the business will operate.

The original idea is formulated and clarified, inconsistencies are identified and resolved. After the first steps are taken, the plan also offers the opportunity to examine the implementation and success of the individual objectives. If serious deviations arise, it is possible to detect and resolve these more easily with a solid business plan in place.

As a founder and entrepreneur you would be wise to submit your business plan to our professional business plan consultants. A neutral observer often sees details that have escaped you. It is then easier to recognize and avoid mistakes.

9. Business Plan for the Reconstruction Credit Institute (KfW) Start-Up Loan

A number of versatile funding programs support entrepreneurs with their projects in Germany. The reason is simple: Self-employed entities are an important branch of the German economy, and this funding is an investment in the national economy with high multiplier effect. Of course, it works both ways – the support measures must be seen as profitable, as they are an investment on the funder’s part.

A well-known and popular support measure is the ERP Start-up Loan (StartGeld). This is a start-up loan from the KfW of up to EUR 100,000.00 (up to 10 million euro for the universal start-up loan). The advantages are low interest rates, a grace period of up to two years and indemnity against liability amounting to 80% for the bank of the founder. This makes it a perfect financing model for many entrepreneurs, which is why it is so popular. Your business plan must thus meet very high standards, because the loan is given only where a serious and well thought out business model is present. In particular the budget figures and revenues and profitability ratios have to be realistic and positive.

Our business plan consultants would be happy to help you create a professional business plan that meets the high standards of the KfW.

10. Business Plan Consulting for an Optimal Start-Up

There are many factors you can’t predict when founding a start-up. These include sales and revenues, market conditions, purchase prices or the behavior of the competition. A good business plan helps to get an overview of these factors. The opportunities must be carefully weighed against the risks, so you can make a reasonable decision about whether your dream of self-employment will come true.

The business plan shows whether your business can survive on the market. Among the issues to be addressed are the advantages to the clients, whether they will be willing to pay the right price and whether your business idea will survive the market competition. It would be feasible to think outside the box here: Offering a special service, an exceptional product design, a wide portfolio… there are endless possibilities if you want to stand out from the competition.

A business plan compels you to put your thoughts and ideas into words. They become tangible and predictable. Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats become evident. You may find when creating the business plan that your idea is not marketable in its current form and can change it to start a lucrative business.

Maybe the business plan will show you that your business idea is doomed to failure. This is also an advantage – it will have saved you from realizing this after taking steps in the direction of becoming self-employed.

What’s more, the business plan will help you after the founding. It will be your guiding beacon in the first years. You can make target-performance comparisons and put your business back on the right track by taking appropriate measures where necessary.

The business plan should, however, express not only the business idea and the key figures, but also the personality of the founder himself. Does the founder have the personal qualities and professional qualifications that are necessary to make the business work?

If you want to become self-employed, but you lack the business background, you should seek professional support. Our business plan writers would be happy to help you with their know-how and experience to create the perfect business plan for your needs.


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