Short Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Sample

Short Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Sample


1. Executive Summary

As a trained associate with over ten years of professional experience, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE FOUNDER plan to set up a small-scale SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY, in SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE LOCATION. The object of the business is the operation of a mobile food stand with home-made, XXXX specialties. The shopping center XXXX is recommended as a sales location. The snack bar should be open from Tuesday to Saturday between XX and XX hours.

SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY connects people with each other and with their homeland. Hence the idea to found a XXXX specialty snack in a location with a high proportion of XXXX-born people who already know and appreciate the food. For them, the dishes are a piece of home. At the same time, I would like to introduce XXXX cuisine to others who are looking for a quick, nutritious lunch.

The aim is to offer the customers and employees of the shopping center and the surrounding companies an attractive alternative to existing food offers. Especially for lunch break, there are warm dishes that can be quickly prepared and enjoyed.

The shopping center and neighboring businesses offer a lot of patience, especially for the midday and after hours business. In addition, there is a large XXXX-born community on site, where the stand serves typical dishes. With the presence of a local XXXX grocery store, the supply of fresh ingredients is always guaranteed.

Unique features of the company are the extraordinary food offers, which are professionally prepared to meet the high quality standards of the target group. This consists of company’s employees and customers, and shops within walking distance, who want a nutritious but quickly prepared meal for lunch or after work. Accordingly, all dishes are homemade and are freshly prepared.

The business concept envisages a one-man business with low operating costs in order to work economically as quickly as possible. As a trained XXXX with XXXX roots, it is easy to implement the establishment of a fast food with XXXX specialties. The company will be named “SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY Specialties” and was founded on August X. XXXX as a SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE LOCATION. It is a mobile snack bar in XXXX.

The foundation is made out of unemployment in order to achieve financial independence. The start-up capital for the purchase of kitchen equipment, branding, advertising flyers etc. will amount to $XXXX (USD); which will be partially covered by own funds of $XXXX (USD). For the remaining capital, outside capital is needed.


1.1.  Offer

Every Tuesday through Saturday, the snack bar will be selling food at XXXX, between XX and XX hours. Since the core business is done at lunchtime and after work, the offer includes hot, filling foods that are freshly prepared in the food truck, the food can either be taken or eaten directly at bar tables.

The offer includes typical XXXX dishes such as stuffed dumplings and meat specialties with side dishes. The aim is to offer the customers a healthy meal. That’s why all dishes are homemade, with no added preservatives or glutamates. Many of the dishes do not contain pork out of consideration for different eating habits. The menu has already been prepared and includes the following dishes:



1.2.  Organisation/Personal

SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER specialices in a one-man business, reducing staff costs. All functions such as cooking, sales, bookkeeping and marketing are carried out in unison. If required, individual tasks such as bookkeeping or advertising can be supported externally.

As a trained XXXX, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER is trained with professional preparation, storage etc. of food. After completing the training course Qualification Measure for the Hotel and Catering Industry of the XXXX, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER gained over XX years of professional experience as a kitchen assistant, cook in restaurants and canteens. SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER grew up in XXXX. Therefore the proximity to the XXXX kitchens provide advantages for the founder.


1.3.  Investment requirements

The investment requirement for starting SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE COMPANY amounts to a total of $XXXX (USD). This amount is required for the purchase of the vehicle and kitchen appliances. To avoid unnecessary costs, a large part of the operating equipment is purchased second-hand. The food truck will also act as a kitchen. This makes renting and equipping additional rooms superfluous. The costs are divided as follows:


$XXXX (USD) of this can be dispensed from own funds. For the remaining $XXXX (USD), debt capital or subsidies are required.


1.4.  Vision & Mission

Although there are many XXXX-speaking people in this country, there is relatively little gastronomy with XXXX cuisine. This is therefore relatively unknown in SHORT BUSINESS PLAN EXAMPLE REGION. Through these snacks, XXXX food will have more popularity, at least locally. For customers who already like to eat XXXX food, I would like to offer a selection of typical dishes – homemade and of high quality. So the food stand provides the warmth from home and another a new culinary experience.

With appropriate demand and business development, the supply can be gradually expanded. The long-term goal is the opening of a Russian specialty restaurant.


2. Market analysis

There are many gastronomic offers. Surveys show, however, that despite the abundance of offers market potential remains. XXXX was a record year in this regard. With an increase of X, X%, the turnover in out-of-home offers increased more than in ten years. This is partly because customers are willing to spend more money on fancy or high-quality deals. On the other hand, the number of visitors has also increased in XXXX, which means that more people eat out of doors or do this more often than before.


Especially snacks are showing big increases. While sales of restaurants and taverns, where guests are staying longer, have declined slightly from XXXX to XXXX, it has continued to increase in fast food (Statista).

The trend is for a quick meal on the way, whether during lunch break or on the way home. XX% of the XX to XX-year-olds said in a survey, happy to take a quick snack on the way (ibid.). Among the age groups, there were even more, up to XX%. In the XX to XX-year-olds eat XX% at least three times a week a snack on the way, such as burgers, kebabs, sandwiches and the like. The fact that snack meals are popular with younger customers, suggests that sales in this segment will continue to increase in the future. Because over time, this group of people will have more and more income and thus purchasing power. All this indicates that this trend will intensify.


2.1.  Target group

Customers of the shopping center and the surrounding shops, as well as the employees of the shops and other companies within walking distance, belong to the potential clientele of the snack bar. The target group is people who do not have time to cook, but still want to eat healthy and freshly prepared food. This includes employees during their lunch break, but also people on their way home, especially single people who do not want to cook for one person.


2.2.  Potential customer base / location

As a location for the snack sale is a booth in front of the shopping center XXXX ideally suited. The exact address is XXXX XX, XXXXX. Due to the multitude of shops in the direct neighborhood there is a lot of passing customers.

The location is not only in the immediate vicinity of a shopping center, but also between the two industrial areas XXXX and XXXX in XXXX. Both are home to numerous companies such as the musical instrument manufacturer XXXX, XXXX or the advertising material producer XXXX. Employees from the area are potential customers who benefit from a more diverse local food offer. Employees are a wealthy clientele.

It is noteworthy, especially for the offer of XXXX food, that there are several shops in the immediate vicinity, run by persons of XXXX descent and in particular having such customers as their target group. These include the grocery store XXXX Fruits and Vegetables, and the clothing store XXXX. This shows that a corresponding clientele can be found at the location.

In the event that the location in front of the mall does not prove to be long-term, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE FOUNDER will search for additional locations where the food truck can be parked. Conceivable would be both a complete relocation, for example, in a more urban area, as well as the daily relocation, so as not to oversaturate the clientele in a single place.


2.3.  Competitors

There are several competitors at the location in front of the XXXX shopping center. These are catering establishments in the shopping center as well as in pedestrian surroundings. However, only a few have a similarly stored offer with hot, quick meals. The list below is not exhaustive, but focuses on the catering businesses closest to the food stall. These are essentially the following companies:


As the list shows, there are a number of special offers for lunch in the area. However, only a few have an identical target group as the food truck. In addition, the potential customer base is sufficiently large, since numerous companies are located in and around the shopping center.


2.4.  Suppliers / Network

Supplier for all ingredients is XXXX, XXXX and XXXXX. Due to the good personal contact with the owner, the purchase at low prices is guaranteed. Since the business also carries XXXX specialties, it also serves as a multiplier for the reputation of the food stand.


3. Marketing

A local advertising campaign with flyers is planned for the opening of SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY. These are distributed in or in front of the shopping center XXXX and laid out in cooperating shops. In order to address the target group as directly as possible, locations and times with high public traffic and relevant shops are selected as locations for the flyer campaign. These include food and XXXX specialty stores in the area, whose customer base is among the target group. An eye-catching vehicle branding will arouse the interest of casual customers. A marketing budget of $XXXX (USD) is planned for the vehicle branding and the flyer campaign.

In order to constantly increase the interest in the snack, and to gain new customers, promotions and special offers are conceivable at regular intervals, which are then advertised separately. For this purpose, flyer campaigns with display or distribution in the neighborhood of the location are being considered. Print ads in local newspapers are also conceivable, especially if several locations are added in the future. The opening of a new stand can then be announced, so that customers know on which days the stand can be found.

Future advertising campaigns will be financed from the generated revenues. Regular marketing and advertising expenditures are planned to establish SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY Specialties as a brand and regularly renew interest.


4.  SWOT Analysis


·       Exceptional food offer.

·       Expertise.

·       Crowded location.

·       Low investment requirements for starting a business.

·       Lean personnel structure.


·       Low advertising budget.

·       Relatively unknown food offer, the benefits of which the customers have yet to get to know.

·       Competition in the immediate vicinity.



·       Financial independence.


·       Outflow of businesses or companies from the market area leads to less clientele.


5.  Risk Analysis

The opening of a food stall is a proven, solid business concept. However, as with any company, there are risks. At SHORT BUSINESS PLAN EXAMPLE COMPANY Specialties, the biggest risk that there already exist relatively exotic food offerings that the company needs to compete against, there is a low advertising budget and the location may lose its appeal.

XXXX cuisine is relatively unknown in SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE REGION. Therefore, a location was chosen where there are many people who already appreciate it. XXXX and the surrounding villages have a large number of XXXX-born communities as well as XXXX specialty and grocery stores. What is missing so far, is a corresponding catering offer. And although the dishes in this country are little known, the dough and grilled dishes resemble popular dishes. The offer is exotic enough to be a pleasant change, but familiar enough to be a meal “for every day”. That is the attractiveness of the snack.


  1. Marketing

The advertising budget for the start of the company is only $XXXX (USD). However, as an entrepreneur, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE FOUNDER haS a very good local network, so the flyer campaign is supported by word of mouth. In addition, the food stall will be placed so that passing customers pass it all day long. This attracts the attention itself.

In the future, the shopping center or the business location XXXX as a whole could lose importance. That would lead to less patronage. Since this is a mobile food stand, the location can be changed or additional locations added, which are visited once or several times a week.


7.  Sales forecast

To cover the running costs such as the purchase costs for ingredients, gas, water, vehicle fuel and entrepreneur’s wages, it is planned to achieve an annual turnover of $XXXX (USD). This corresponds to a monthly turnover of an average of $XXXX (USD)