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Online Consumer Electronics Business Proposal


BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE Best Business Plan Template Company Business Idea

BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY is an existing company doing online trading since XXXX. The head office is located at XXXX at BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION. The store, which is mainly based on XXXX and XXXX shops, buys mostly used mobile phones and tablets from XXXX, XXXX and partly from XXXX and sells them profitably in SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGION . So far, especially devices of the brands XXXX and XXXX are bought and sold online, as these are both very popular, and on the other hand, are of high quality.

The founder has opted for a “multi-channel” business model in order to be able to satisfy demand throughout the entire English-speaking area. “Multi-channel” means that goods are sold to customers through various distribution channels. The model combines traditional trading activities with a company’s internet shop, as well as sales activities on electronic trading platforms.

Currently, it is planned to create a website that complements the existing accounts on XXXX and XXXX. In addition, the inventory is to be expanded, as well as further storage capacities to be set up and employees to be hired. These employees will accompany the entire process, from ordering to packaging to shipping. For this business expansion, the company is currently seeking $XXXX (USD)  as external financing.

Thanks to its focus on above-average customer service and modern marketing, the company offers decisive unique selling points and will be able to compete very well within its market. The business owner, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE FOUNDER, is already a successful entrepreneur, and with his degree in industrial engineering, and his previous professional experience, he has the ideal prerequisites to help BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY  increase its business volume.



BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY trades mainly with mobile phones and tablets of the brands XXXX and XXXX. The previously used platforms for selling the products are XXXX and XXXX. The company is registered as a seller under BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE CHANNEL (XXXX) and BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE CHANNEL (XXXX). The business expansion will also expand the product line, with a focus on cell phones and tablets from XXXX and XXXX, but also other computer / mobile accessories such as: mouse devices, keyboards, headsets (headphones with microphone), speakers, mobile phone cases, memory cards, display films and webcams. These items should be found in the offer of online trading. There will be different models in the assortment, which vary in price and quality. For example, products may differ in how long the battery of a smartphone lasts, or what resolution the webcam offers, what sound quality the microphone plays, etc.

The business owner wants to sell primarily “high-end” products. High-end describes modern devices that leave nothing to be desired in terms of performance, reliability and future suitability. As a result, XXXX and XXXX, the market leader among handset manufacturers and handheld tablet PCs, are the focus of BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY. These have a reasonably high market share and an excellent reputation with the customers.

The fact that online retailers can ideally meet the consumption needs of a young, price and quality-conscious, end target group, means that set sales targets can be met as planned.


General business strategy/unique selling points

BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will be able to hold its own in the competition thanks to its unique selling propositions.

The most important unique feature will be the focus on customer satisfaction. The customers should have a positive experience with the company, which starts with the first contact and continues after the purchase. For example, there will be a XX-month exchange period, free shipping and return; and in the future, also the option of paying for old equipment. The payment process, especially on the planned website, is also designed to give the customer a wide range of options, including discounts on certain types of payment.

Another unique feature are the positive references already existing on XXXX. As customers often choose to buy products because of the opinions of other buyers, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY already has a significant competitive advantage.

The managing director, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE FOUNDER, has business management knowledge and has been managing the company extremely successfully as a sole trader. With his know-how acquired so far, he is well able to assess in which areas a focus is important, which is also an important strength of the company.



The goal is to expand the company, create jobs and find a suitable business form. In particular, by building a modern, interactive website and activities on key social media channels, the reach of the company is to be increased. In addition, it is planned to act as a wholesaler in the future in order to supply goods to other dealers.

It is envisioned that there should also be a shop where the products can be picked up. This is provided by the location in BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION, as there are many media companies whose employees represent an important target group for the purchase of high-quality consumer electronics.



As the success of BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY depends, among other things, on the consumer mood in general and on the willingness to buy online, this is where the general consumer mood of consumers are sketched, as well as the market situation in the online trade.

According to the Consumer Climate Index, the mood among consumers is also stable at XXXX. For February and January, the overall indicator was X, X points. Both economic expectations and the propensity to buy are gaining slightly, while income expectations suffer losses.

The economic expectation of consumers rise with an increase of X, X points to X, X points and thus remains in positive territory. Consumers continue to believe that the economy is growing, which is reflected in their consumption behavior. The good labor market situation is also the reason for this rising optimism.

Although there are slight declines in income expectations, the figures here remain relatively stable and at a high level compared to the previous year. This is in addition to the already mentioned rising employment figures, good income growth, and very low inflation rates are currently supporting the indicator.

However, the slight decline in income expectations is not reflected in the propensity to buy. Currently, the index has a value of XX, X counters. The propensity to consume in SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGION  remains at a high level.


Source: Association for Consumer Research

The gross domestic product is a positive indicator for a market entry in SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGION, with growth of X, X percent in XXXX, and similar growth expectations for the current year. Sufficient per capita income means that consumerism is maintained over the long term.


Source: Federal Statistical Office

The desire to buy is reflected, according to the latest study in XXXX (“Industry Report Online-XXXX”) also in online trading. Since XXXX, this segment has been growing at an annual average of four billion dollars.

XXXX grew the online market by XX, X percent and XXXX by just under XX%, to a market volume of XX billion dollars. The total turnover of online commerce compared to neighbor regions is shown in the following figure. Only XXXX is ahead of SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGION  with a larger volume of sales.



Within the online trading segment, electronics and telecommunications products come in second, with just under 8 billion dollars of best-selling products, directly after the apparel industry. This category also includes smartphones. Computers / Accessories category, which includes tablets, is ranked number X with sales of  XX billion dollars.


Source: Federal Association of E-Commerce and Mail Order

The market share of mobile phones from XXXX and XXXX is undefeated. From a total of XXX, X million smartphones sold, XXXX and XXXX together come to XXX million copies sold. Thus, they dominate the market significantly compared to all other manufacturers.

Market share for smartphones XXXX and XXXX


Source: Trend force

The market in this segment of business activity is a dynamic and growing market. Particularly in the segment of consumer electronics.  Growth rates can be felt even in times of weak economic growth, as the affluent clientele is less affected by cyclical fluctuations than other population groups. Overall, the market view from the various perspectives gives a positive picture of the further plans of BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY.


About the location

The company’s headquarters are BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION, a city that has attracted more and more young people from all over the world in recent years. Located in eastern SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGION, with good transport links to BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION and other major cities, such as BASIC BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION. With a well-developed railway network and its own airport, the city offers good logistical opportunities for the company. XXXX, developed the BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION airport into an aviation hub a few years ago, thus creating optimal conditions for reliable, fast online trading.

Well-known companies such as XXX, XXX or XXX have factories here and also the mail order business XXXX has set up a shipping center in BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION.

In addition, the number of media companies and startups in the city has been rising for years. Almost one in ten operates in and around BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION in the media industry. Absolute advantages for the company, as these so-called young professionals are well-funded target groups for the company. Although BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY has so far focused on online commerce, Local proximity is also a significant factor for customers, which also influences their buying behavior. In addition, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will also set up a stationary shop in the future, and thus benefit directly from this location advantage.



BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will have to prevail in a relatively tough competitive environment, as it encounters a large number of companies with similar business activities in internet retailing. As is the case for most industries, three factors play the decisive role in trade, which determine success and failure: price, quality and communication policy. These factors offer the opportunity to distinguish oneself positively from competitors. The number of suppliers of electronic equipment and computer accessories is in the tens of thousands in SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGION  alone. However, very few of these providers really have a profile and many of the small providers do not have the know-how to use well-designed marketing tools. Large providers, such as XXXX itself or the direct sales of XXXX and XXXX, have indeed the means for successful advertising appearances, but are priced to settle in the higher area.

Other online providers of electronic articles include XXXX, XXXX and XXXX. These offer the same products at equally affordable prices, but are often considered to be in need of improvement as far as customer service is concerned. The customer expects rapid execution in the trade and at the same time a high level of customer care. For some jobs, clients may want to call the contractor to clarify details. Lack of availability and competence of a contact person are therefore disadvantageous, which can affect purchasing decisions. This is a great opportunity for BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY to stand out from the competition. Above all, the XX month right of return and the free shipping and return shipping created an outstanding service for customers.

But intelligent, systematic returns management will also give the company competitive advantages. As a study by XXXX shows, a detailed product description and an accurate product presentation are the basis for low returns. This reduces costs for the company and increases customer satisfaction. In addition, once the website has been created, there will be a possibility that old devices can be given in payment. This, additionally, reduces the purchase price of the devices for the customers, which is one of the main advantages over the competition.

The majority of those who shop online also make their purchasing decisions dependent on reviews they find on different social channels. Especially the opinions of other users play the biggest role.

Already, the customer reviews that the company has received online are outstanding, which brings a clear competitive advantage. With positive customer opinions, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will succeed in distinguishing itself from large competitors.


Source: XXXX & XXXX Consulting

All in all, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY is facing a tough competitive situation, but will be able to make a name for itself with excellent customer service and targeted marketing.


Risk Analysis

BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY is exposed to a variety of risks due to its business model. Market risks are expected above all in the context of the competition. There are currently many suppliers who have a similar product range. Above all, a good customer service, a creative communication policy and positive customer opinions will be important in order to be able to withstand the competition. Since a well-designed website and local search engine optimization should be operated, benevolent customer opinions are extremely important, provided that they are communicated on the rating portals.

Risks in areas such as transportation, storage and health are minimized by taking out appropriate insurance policies, or by taking entrepreneurial measures, such as a short inventory turnover period.

Because of the nature of the business, it is extremely important not to compromise on performance and to focus on quality, care in packaging and reliability.  Due to the experience and qualification of the business owner, the numerous challenges of the business model are likely to be well managed.


SWOT- Analysis

The following SWOT-table shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a clear format.

  • The company is already established in the market and has developed a positive reputation with customers.
  • The managing director, who has experience in business administration, already knows the market and can assess it well.
  • There’s a high level of competition.
  • There’s dependence on suppliers.


  • Very good service creates strong customer loyalty in the long term.
  • Consumers pay more attention to fair pricing.
  • Dollar price erosion would be problematic.
  • Warehouse risks occur quickly in the event of sales difficulties.




There are already numerous business contacts with reliable partners in other regions. These have proven to be extremely reliable and flexible. BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY buys the goods from them and resells them profitably in  BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY LOCATION. The purchase prices are device-dependent and amount to an average of about $XXX – $XXX  and can usually be resold at a price of $XXX – $XXX.

The following companies abroad are currently working together with BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY:




The electrical retailer BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will tailor its marketing activities to specific target groups. All in all, the target group can be said to be very broad and spread across all age groups and social classes. That is why, marketing will focus on the widest possible distribution and use different channels of communication. What unites the target groups is that they are characterized by a good knowledge of prices and are happy to do extensive research. If customers feel badly served or there are quality problems, the reputation can also be seriously damaged by reporting on the internet. In this respect, reliability in the execution of orders, and on-time delivery, is a natural criterion in customer management.


Pricing Strategy

Whether a product is perceived as expensive or not, depends among other things, on the relation between the price. BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY takes advantage of this effect because the products offered by XXXX and XXXX will be significantly cheaper than their competitors, since they are mostly used but still of high quality. Thus, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY positions itself in the mid-price segment, attracting price-conscious as well as quality-conscious customers.

The high demand for mobile phones and tablets / I-pads from XXXX and XXXX indicates a high willingness to pay, which has a positive influence on pricing between cost factors and market conditions. The prices will additionally adapt to the market conditions, whereby a constant observation of the competition is necessary.

An additional pricing strategy will be the trade-in of old equipment. Here, the customer can see on the website, how much his device costs after deduction of the old device. This can also be an effective marketing operation, since the prices can be even lower depending on the nature of the old device. Even with price reductions in the payment method, purchasing behavior and customer opinions can be positively influenced.


Communication Policy

With a strong, competitive environment and a diverse audience, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will choose the marketing mix to build a presence as strong as possible, all over the country. In the market served by BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY the target audience is very large, so social media marketing and, to a lesser extent, magazine advertising, were identified as good marketing methods.

Customers are also looking for the special, fun and social interactive shopping experience these days. Smart marketing in e-commerce is difficult without considering this factor. XXXX and XXXX are the best examples of how customers can be actively involved in the sales process. Especially through auctions customers receive a very special and exciting shopping experience.

But BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY will pay more attention to customer interaction, not only at the XXXX Shop. In addition to interactive elements on the website, requests are processed quickly; customer comments are approved and integrated on all channels. With “Call to Action” campaigns, customers are also asked to place orders and act. A well thought-out review and evaluation management (reviews and reviews of products and services by the customer) is also used as a marketing tool.

Another important point will be the placement of ads on Facebook, for example (Ad words campaigns) and a good search engine optimization (SEO). Especially through the search engine optimization there are many advantages. The number of visitors to the website will increase as a result of better positioning on XXXX or other search engines. Since you do not have to pay for every click, this form of online marketing is among the cheapest. Ad-Words campaigns guarantee a target-oriented display of advertisements as they are based on user search results.

As the corporate landscape at the location is rich in small and medium-sized start-ups in the arts, culture and media sectors, it can be assumed that regional advertising will also be successful. Therefore, it is possible to create additional presence with car stickers and similar regionally effective measures such as advertising gifts (such as mouse devices printed with the company logo) or the issue of free product samples/patterns.

In any case, internet presence will be crucial to BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY’s long-term business success, as it will serve as a passively-accessible 24/7 information and contact platform. The future of the company will depend on how well the website is accepted by SIMPLE BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE REGIONers. Because even the best internet advertising brings no revenue when users find, after clicking on the appropriate link, a badly designed page.

With the already established reputation as a competent dealer, it will be easy for BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY to gain a high profile within the next few years, which will result in the further expansion of the company.

It is anticipated that the funds deployed will be useful tools for disseminating BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY products, and their continued use will positively impact sales performance. If this is not the case, the marketing means used will be again checked for their effectiveness.


BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE Business organization and finances

About The Manager

BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE FOUNDER has been a successful CEO of BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY since the beginning of XXXX. He can look back on an experience of more than X years and can prove his competence in this field.

Immediately after his training as a merchant in retail XXXX, he was appointed head of department and deputy department manager of XXXX. Since XXXX, he has also been studying at the College of Engineering, Economics and Culture in BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE LOCATION in the study program Industrial Engineering for Mechanical Engineering & Energy Technology.

Due to his very good language skills, international trade relations will be easy. His expertise in IT enables him to make important decisions.

All of this experience, both practical and theoretical, enables BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE FOUNDER to successfully run a business, steadily increase its profits, and thereby create a long-term source of revenue for the company and its employees.



Employees are to be hired for the goods receipt, goods issue, packaging and customer service. Depending on the course of business development, it is planned to hire a maximum of three employees, each on a mini-job basis.

Legal Form

So far, BEST BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE COMPANY is registered as a sole proprietorship. A more appropriate legal form should emerge only in the course of next year. Legal and formal characteristics in particular should be included in the decision. In order to find the most suitable legal form, which on the one hand brings flexibility but also legal security and financial advantages, expert advice should be sought.


Necessary routine work in connection with taxes, electricity, internet, telephone bills and account statements, are handed over monthly to a tax consultant. The tax consultant is also entrusted with the preparation of sales tax filing and annual financial statements.




The capital contribution supplemented by debt financing, will be sufficient for the capital requirements of the company. The company will be organized in such a way that the cooperation partners only get their money if it has been taken by the customers, in order to consistently ensure sufficient liquidity.

The other cost parameters, in particular marketing, rental and travel costs are also planned so that no further borrowing will be necessary. The company will be able to expand its business slightly due to its already well-functioning operations, as it already has enough know-how and operational infrastructure. Driven by the right investments in marketing, sales will increase rapidly.



The managing director brings capital  $XXXX (USD) to the company.