Business Plan Financials – Financial Plan Creation

Create a Financial Business Plan: Creation of Financing Concepts

Do you need a skilled partner to create your business plan financials / financial business plan, profit and loss sheet, balance sheet, or professional profit forecast? We will create your professional financial business plan in Excel: With diligence, reliably, and versatile uses.

  • for 3 years or 5 years range
  • with or without comprehensive return derivation
  • creation of scenarios – profit forecasts/creation of financial figures
  • dynamic charts

Automatic calculation of:

  • Business plan Profit-and-loss sheet
  • Business plan  Balance sheet
  • Business plan liquidity evaluation / cash flow sheet
  • Crucial financial figures for the business plan


Business Plan Financials Using Excel: User Friendly and Highly Dynamic

Your business plan financial plan will be completely created as an elaborate, detailed financial plan in Excel, which is modular and compact at the same time. This allows a financial planning outline at any time, and making additions anytime, in order to find a perfect template for every investor you wish to address.

Due to innovative, and coherent GHOST revenue derivation method, you have the option to enter gross revenue targets, and view an automatic price/units breakdown calculation, and variable cost within seconds. Use this option to play through any financial scenario, and use your gained knowledge for your funding meetings and credit talks. If you need the full business plan package, don’t worry: The cost of our business plans is accessible even for founders on a budget.


Use our financial plan creation for the following areas of application:

  • Financing concepts for new startups, especially related to our business plan writing service
  • Projection planning for investment projects, especially real estate development
  • Market launch scheduling
  • Financial plans for franchise projects
  • Calculation of different scenarios and text elaboration for business plan recommendations
  • Creation of investment brochures and pitch decks
  • Amortization/Financial plans for buildings, machines, and equipment

We look forward to drafting your financial concept – contact us by email, contact form, and by phone, on business days between 08.00AM and 08.00PM GMT, under +49 6192-703 4 153.


Business Plan Excel / Financial Plan Template Excel

Rely on more than 8 years of expertise calculating excel business plans and other projects. The BrainHive business plan writing service is here to help you. We will usually create your Excel business plan within few business days, and if requested, we will train you to use all the features. Thus, you will have the option using your Excel financial plan template, to react to any feedback after financial meetings, and to be able to explain your profit forecasts in a more detailed way during the next meeting.

In order to offer you maximum transparency when you order any BrainHive financial plan services, we have gathered 4 straight-forward package offers for you. You can see in the table below which package you should order ideally.


Investment sheetIf requiredYesYesYes
Balance sheet, profit/loss sheet, cash flow sheet, financial key figures, financial parametersYesYesYesYes
Excel-based, dynamic calculation?If requiredYesYesYes
Free use of open workfile?YesYesYesYes
Checking and correctionNoYesAs required
Checking and correctionNoYesAs required
Most suitable for:Founders with existing set of documents and prior knowledgeFood service / gastronomy, retail, self-employment, freelancer start-upStart-ups with more than one subject of activity, tech start-ups, internationally-based start-upsParticularly complex models, especially franchises, big market launches, writer is required to possess major technical knowledge
Typical capital sum:Up to US $150.000Up to US $150.000Up to US $500.000At least US $500.000
Typical legal form:VariousLLCs with insufficient share capital, freelancer enterprises, partnershipsLLCs, limited partnerships, joint stock companiesLLCs, JSCs, publicly traded companies, corporations
Applicable for seeking bank loans?YesYesYesYes
Applicable for seeking public grant funding?YesYesYesYes
Our priceFrom US $107US $197US $347From US $547


Professionalism, and entrepreneur-friendly prices and a very demanding attitude regarding customer satisfaction- We enjoy impressing you. Contact us, and experience out motivation. Below we have outlined a short, typical procedure of hiring BrainHive to create financial plans/business plans.

We look forward to your message. You can reach out to us by email, by contact form, and by phone, on business days between 08.00AM and 08.00PM GMT under +49 6192-703 4 153.


Financial Plan Creation: Procedure & Duration

1. You will send an order mail containing milestones of your financial plan (sector, capitalization, legal form, etc.).We will provide our difficulty estimation of your financial plan, according to our price table, and send you an offer, our terms and conditions, and a prepayment invoice.

2. You will pay a deposit of 40% of the estimated order value, and will receive an order confirmation. As the case may be, you will complete a special business plan questionnaire for complex financial plans, so we are able to exactly adapt our revenue derivation, etc. (e.g. for large market launches, or technical startups), or you will send us additional information (e.g. catalogues, price lists, investment planning, etc.).

3. We will create your business plan within 4-21 days, depending on complexity and required information.

4. You will receive the complete drafts of the financial plan in a copy-protected PDF file. Before further consultations and change requests, you will be asked to transfer the remaining amount, and upon reception we will send the open work file. We will be gladly available for any further supplements and additional work.


Financial Plan Creation: Why BrainHive?

Since 2007, we have been attending entrepreneurs on their way to success, especially related to business plan and financial plan creation. From when we started, we have written more than 400 business and financial plans, and created dozens of websites, and diverse campaigns using our associated marketing agency BrainHive Ethical Marketing (

Our expertise is your benefit: At BrainHive, you will find consulting from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We know the reality of successful business models and strictly focus on what is important to make your financial plan, your idea, your concept successful. Real brain work by proven professionals, to get you closer to your business goals.
Our efficiency in financial plan creation is hard to beat. We have professional know how, financial plan libraries, and a high volume of templates for different sectors and legal forms in German and English, which we have collected over more than 8 years of direct work within that matter. The result: Highest quality, and precision of your financial plan, alongside some of the best conditions in the market.

Our guarantee: Due to our satisfaction guarantee, deadline guarantee, guarantee of understandability and our follow-up consulting guarantee you can be 100% sure that your investment in our service will be profitable.

Availability and flexibility: We will never let you wait for an answer, and we strive to implement your urgent delivery dates, special wishes, and individual requirements uncompromisingly.
Honesty, and transparency are very important for us. We only accept projects with success opportunities, and we make the prospective business as feasible as possible. This is important for investors, and important for you, as this is your only way to success when looking for funding.

Our tip if you are still hesitating to hire: Learn more about us. We will gladly discuss your idea and your special requirements with you. Convince yourself of our motivation, and our quick perception regarding the understanding of your business model.

We look forward to creating your financial plan – contact us.  You can reach out to us by email, by contact form, and by phone, on business days between 08.00AM and 08.00PM, under +49 6192-703 4 153.