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BrainHive: Your #1 Business Plan Coach

You will need a Business Plan Coach if you own a business plan or other pitch / founding documentation and presentation materials (for example, Pitch Deck or Financial Plan, but also “One Pager” or Business Model Canvas / Javelin Board etc.) from a professional Business Coach either jointly conceived or would like to have commented / revised. Even if you are only in the preparatory phase and want to utilize business plan coaching as a preparatory measure for your discussions with other consultants or mentors, we can help you with BrainHive Coaching.

The big difference between the business plan coach and a regular business plan consultant is that the business plan coach will help you, above all, to improve the quality of your business plan. In particular, if the entrepreneurial activity for which your pitch documentation was created is a particularly complex or financially strong operation, you should especially ensure that your documentation does not contain any errors or passages that can still be improved upon. In such cases of great importance, the business plan coach, who has usually been reviewing and evaluating these documents regularly for many years, comes in very handy.


The Cost of a Business Coach: Professional Support is Worthwhile

If you are concerned about the cost of a professional business coach, it may be advisable to first consult a qualified third party, which would undertake the business plan revision for a smaller fee of for free. Only when the quality is at a point where such business plan consulting no longer leads to an improvable result, the time of a true business plan coach should really be worth their money to clarify the final conclusions and comprehension questions. The business plan coach is priced otherwise in the same price category as the normal business coach and usually earns between 600 to 800 € daily fee.

At BrainHive Coaching we always try to evaluate for our clients precisely what the individual challenge for the business plan coaching is in each case. We try to provide the customer with an appropriate coaching package by analysing the challenge that needs to be addressed through Business Plan Coaching .Within our Business Plan Coaching Packages, all options are included to solve the problem. This makes the Business Plan Coaching we offer very transparent, and customers can always be sure that their investment will help them make the right business decisions.


Telephone Coaching * 2h 4h 8h 12h
Video Coaching / Screen Sharing 1h 2h 4h
Review / comment / revise planning ** Approximately 14 pages Approximately 18 pages Approximately 26 pages 30+ pages
Recommendation Report 1 report Up to 2 reports Up to 4 reports
Period 1 week 1 month 2 months 2-4 months


Up to 3 competitors Up to 5 competitors
Pitch analysis / extension OR translations 2-3 pages 3-5 pages 6-10 pages
Financial support, research etc. 1h 2h 4h
Suitable for Smaller projects under € 100,000 total capital, trial coaching Medium projects under € 300,000 total capital Larger projects with over € 300,000 in total capital Large projects from 1 million Euro total capital
Total Price 1,200 € 2,400 € 3,600 € 6,000 €
Max. Monthly price 1,200 € 2,400 € 1,800 € 3,000 €
Corresponds to total man-days 1.5 man-days 4 man-days 8 man-days 15 man-days
Price / man-day 800 € 600 € 450 € 400 €


* = Mostly while viewing the planning documentation on screen

** = Additional costs may be incurred depending on the complexity of the revision. If the planning is adequate, more volume can be processed within the available time budget.