Are you looking for a business coach to master a particular business challenge or to generally prepare for the opening or expansion of a new business? In the following lines, we will try to answer all the questions you might have. We also answer your questions when the cost of a business coaching causes you second thoughts. As a start-up consultancy and business planning agency with more than eleven years of experience working with German and international start-ups, there is hardly a challenge that we could not assist you with in the business coaching realm.

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These days, many people are looking for a business coach to assist them in the field of life business coaching; “Life and Business Coach” is a frequently searched term. In the context of business coaching, it is all about your life’s “Why?” when trying to find an answer which new business activity is to be pursued successfully. The true meaning of a company lies in it´s center, just for the sake of optimal storytelling. It is sometimes ironic to see how the excitement about the project can determine the difference between the success or failure of a start-up operation, which is increasingly related to life and business coaching.

As well as highlighting the unique quality of a product, service or brand, Life Business Coaching is also suitable for someone currently looking for a new business area or to start their first venture as an entrepreneur. If one is still struggling to pinpoint exactly which idea or industry offers a potential success story, business coaching (which is located between life purpose and positively-validated business models) is likely to be a wise investment.

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Business Coaching Costs: Business Coaching as a Profit-Maximizing Investment

Questions about the cost of business coaching are numerous, just as numerous as various business challenges facing someone who decides to seek the advice of an experienced business mentor. All in all, you can expect a daily rate of 800 € if you are looking for a professional business coach in Germany. At BrainHive Coaching, we try to help as many companies and potential entrepreneurs as possible, and therefore have a more sophisticated approach to assessing the budget needed for your business.

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Depending on whether you:

  • need online business coaching
  • want to have physical contact with the coach,
  • have an existing business plan and require revision of business documentation
  • require help for an extended period of time
  • or need guidence on a specific issue or challenge


We try to provide you with optimally adapted business mentoring packages, which include a certain amount of services and additional services, as well as options for solving your problem in a transparent manner.


Telephone coaching2h4h8h12h
Video coaching / screen sharing1h2h4h
View / edit documentationUp to 4 pagesUp to 8 pagesUp to 16 pagesUp to 30 pages
Recommendations reporting1 reportUp to 2 reportsUp to 4 reportsUp to 8 reports
Period1 month1-2 months2-4 months4-8 months

analysis (?)

Up to 3 competitorsUp to 5 competitors
Trend analysis2-3 pages3-5 pages6-10 pages
Life Business Coaching / Story Design2h4h6h
Suitable forFreelancer, rehearsal coachingFreelancers, SMEs, individual requirementsSMEs, startups, managersStartups, larger companies, extreme / crisis cases
Total Price1,200 €2,400 €3,600 €6,000 €
Min. Monthly Price1,200 €1,200 €900 €750 €
Corresponds to total man-days * 1.5 man-days4 man-days8 man-days15 man-days
Price / Man-day800 €600 €450 €400 €

* = incl. communication, administration, research, background analysis

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Why Hire BrainHive Coaching for Business Coaching?

With more than eleven years experience in start-up consulting; having obtained more than $40 million US of funding for our clients (with our planning documentation, i.e. business plans, financial plans and pitches); and successfully completed projects in over 80 countries and across 120 different industries, we rightly claim that it is difficult to bring us to the edge of our competence with an entrepreneurial challenge.

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Feel free ask for additional references and presentation documents, or better yet: pick up the phone, give us some information about your business, and with only a quick call get an estimate as quickly as possible. We are happy to take the time to listen to your concerns. We also never hesitate to sign your privacy and non-disclosure agreements if you would like to send us additional documents so we can assess your case in the most optimal way.

If you have any questions or doubts as to whether a professional coach is the ideal decision for you right now, you can find out more about the quality requirements below and browse profiles to find the most suitable mentor for you.


Determine the Value of the Coaching and the Business Coach

Unless the business or startup gets their fee back at least ten times its price, either in additional profit / profit generated from avoided costs for coaching clients, it would be better not to let the project launch. The challenge or the problem that motivates the entrepreneur to engage in business coaching needs to be so serious and so long-term that the work the business coach recommends to the company is actually completed. The business coach should not be doing the work for the client themselves, but rather they should be training the entrepreneur, careerist or student of success to competently master the challenges presented to him.

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There is nothing sadder – both for the coach and for the customer – if the budget is not used optimally and in the end the advantage of the coaching cannot be felt clearly by the client..It is always better for the business coach to be able to establish a good reputation in the industry through successful references, and if their former and present clients reliably contest that their coaching is worth more than ten times the investment.

This value sounds reasonably high, but it is due to the fact that business coaching often degenerates into holistic coaching, which requires the coach to have a wide bredth of knowledge Taking the cost of the business coach as a measure, it quickly becomes clear that business coaching is a professional accomplishment that a trainer is only able to deliver credibly and competently they he have broad and deep knowledge and experience, which they gained through successfully completing a large number professional jobs.

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As a result, a good business coach also has the opportunity – as an interim manager or in the private sector as a freelance consultant for example – to earn large amounts of consulting fees for large companies as well as wealthy individuals. That’s why the business coach has to calculate their prices in such a way that when looking at the opportunity costs, they always feel that they are deeply involved in understanding the challenge and mastering the task..


Give BrainHive Coaching a Chance – Business Coaching with Guaranteed Success

Another point you might want to consider when hiring a business coach is the question of coaching success. A professional business coach should not accept a project without having carefully checked all the factors so that he is able to judge the likelihood of success for a client with the assistance of a coach.

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With BrainHive Coaching you automatically have guaranteed success when you hire us to work on your project. You can ensure that we always go the extra mile so that our work is fully worth your money. You can redeem this guarantee at any time without any reason and immediately dissolve your coaching contract with us. At BrainHive Coaching we do not believe in long-term contracts when we coach. Many other coaches often insist on binding agreements to force clients to blindly rely on the consistently assured quality of coaching work. At BrainHive Coaching, on the other hand, you always pay only for the progress that is actually made, and you always have a direct view of the benefits of using a BrainHive Business Coach as a return on your business operations.


Passionate Business Coaching: The Story Behind Chief Business Coach Joachim Görbert

Below is a letter for coaching customers from the founder and CEO of BrainHive, Joachim Görbert:

“Already at the age of eight, I began to trade toy monsters and Kinder Surprise figurines with my classmates. At the age of twelve I owned my first stocks, Lufthansa and Telecom. My first real work started at age 16 for my cousin who was a club manager. Between high school business class, and finance and accounting studies at Goethe University, I worked in more than twelve different jobs all before I was 21 years old, often in parallel to finance my dreams, which were still quite youthful at the time. I had this energy to make money and simply: to serve. Also because school, social ties and family really could not absorb my energy and spirit.

In the second semester of my studies, I began working as a foreign language secretary and financial journalist, and became aware of a business plan competition for a position at a German-Chinese business planning consultancy. For the next 6 years I worked for three different medium sized German-Chinese consulting companies and wrote hundreds of business plans as well as quality manuals for Chinese security certification. After a conflict over the rights to my book “CCC Self-Certification Made Easy” with my principal employer at the time, I set up my own business with a digital marketing consultancy, as well as my own ghostwriting agency, transforming my ideas into a thriving business that at peak times gave ten people a job and gained six-digit sales.

For spiritual and health reasons, in 2017, I decided to retreat to the Atitlan Volcanic Lake in the indigenous highlands of Guatemala and built a small coworking lab on the edge of the jungle of the largest lake town. Here, my mind comes to rest and my body finds regeneration. I also have sophisticated virtual reality engineering tools and all the natural inspiration of the world to view and solve the business challenges of BrainHive coaching clients in collaboration with the agile networked thought leaders of our global startup sphere.

Because our way of working requires a free, healthy mind and creative masterwork, there is no other way that good ideas can mature today in a secluded, sheltered and livable place. Otherwise, the burnout is achieved faster than one would assume, as I myself – a confessing workaholic – repeatedly experienced. Top consultants must understand through decades of experience, the various layers of modern, non-locational workforce and high-tech startup communities, to truly be on the ball. For it is precisely these people, all thought leaders, doers and visionaries, who will undoubtedly have a significant share in the shaping of our future, even today, much more in the years to come. And when we coach at BrainHive, we coach on behalf of the future manifestations that we want to see in the world, rather than the often so petty world whose painful limitations we must transcend and symbiotically open and transform.

Personally as well as professionally, I can only advise you to commission your business coaching with BrainHive Coaching, because it gives you highly refined intelligence and a guaranteed success-oriented process structure that is always adapted to your needs. That alone proves a level of professionalism that you would pay at least two to three times more for at almost any other coaching or consulting firm. At BrainHive Coaching, the founding spirit speaks for us. We passionately give our time and full attention to the Entrepreneur, who wants to be closer to his potential as an Impactpreneur, Ecopreneur or Spiritpreneur.

It is up to us and the impact that we can have on society that miraculous states of abundance, absence of distress, misery and crime and rapid technological progress can occur in our society, or even globally. In order for us all to have the best possible share in this collective evolution, it is my great pleasure to provide you, as your BrainHive Coaching Business Coach, with the pieces of the puzzle you need to build your most beautiful image.”

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Write us an e-mail, complete the coaching cost calculator form or pick up the phone to hear our assessment of your case explained in detail in the course of the next few hours during normal office hours.

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