Come Co-Create With us in Guatemala: Coworking by BrainHive

The BrainHive coworking space JungleLab Panajachel is currently open and able to provide working space for up to 6 people at a time. Ideally, the space will be used for virtual reality modeling or the production of other forms of digital content for the impact sphere, here at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where the NuMundo Impact Network has some of its strongest roots outside the developed world.


BrainHive has acquired two new lands and is building the Yggdrasil Study House (San Marcos la Laguna) and the SolReign Potential School (Tzúnuna). More about this project on

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There are also options of coliving and the space can comfortably sleep up to 6 people. It can even be temporarily expanded to sleep up to 14, if need be. There is a kitchen in the first floor and there are extensive gardens. There is one dry composting toilet and in cooperation with our neighbor the Raul Vasquez art gallery, there are also water toilets.

One word of caution right here and now: We’re still developing the space, and it’s an eco-space, very simple and rough on the surface. There is a pila (Guatemalan wash-sink) for washing the dishes, and small clothes (we have a washing lady for larger batches) and we are currently working on hot showers. There are further spaces accessible that could be used for workout or for the exploration of other topics of appropriate technologies and sustainable living. There is for example a rocket stove array, a large rain water catchment, a blacksmithing oven, a half-built cistern and an incomplete climate chamber for fermentation or growing food mushrooms, as well as a sanarium deck on the second floor that will be upgraded for solar dehydration/medicinal ghee production.

The continued development of the space and the completion of the facilities are part of the ongoing activities at the space. Participants of our retreats and volunteers will be expected to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of JungleLab.

Comfort and Entertainment at JungleLab Coworking, Atitlan Lake

The space itself is kept strictly to eco-principles, very naked and functional, full of useful insects, built with robust natural building materials and already showing the regular signs of use. While it’s important to us that people staying as part of a coliving sleep comfortably, all the rest of the property is still not developed to a degree where comfort is an aspect that visitors should pay too much heed to. However, there is enough space to practice yoga and other fitness sports. There is a popular hiking trail right next to the house. The swimming area of the town is only about 15 walking minutes away. Ample shopping, gastronomy, nightlife and convenience offerings are only a few minutes away, the municipal market is right around the corner.

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Furthermore, Qi Gong, massages, sound healing and a host of other types of recreational or therapeutical wellness and activities can be booked with our partners, and we can help you plan amazing excursions. For those not wishing to cook their own meals it is possible to have very economically all kinds of foods delivered and there is the option to take part in the communal lunches and dinners in cooperation with our neighbor.

BrainHive Coworking Guatemala: Packages and Programs

This space is not ideal for walk-in users and rather we usually require pre-booking at least one week in advance. If you have a special request or a special business challenge which you would like to address with us it is always a pleasure to receive guests that are coming to us with a concrete purpose. Chemistry is super important to us, and if you come with improper spirit on display we shall forego doing business with you, as JungleLab is essentially a not-for-profit project and we do this out of a passion for helping eco-/impactpreneurs and young spiritpreneurs specifically.

The space itself is very small and we have currently not the bandwidth to accommodate many guests with heavy data demands. However it is possible to work with our data plan which was ordered having the massive downloads for updating the virtual reality system in mind. However we are deep in the original territories of the Kaq’Chiquel tribe in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala and so it is very hard to get extremely good, reliable internet. It is however possible to get a prepaid card and get good mobile internet on your phone for emergencies. Mobile internet in Guatemala is sufficient for video teleconferencing but it is a little bit expensive, and you will only want to use it when it is really needed.

We offer 4 different options of visiting our space. As a conversion for the prices you can calculate for 7 Quetzal (the Guatemalan currency) to the dollar or for 8 Q to the Euro.

► 1) The first option is to visit us as a walk-in. You will pay 120 Q per day (9-18hs) or 40 Q per hour and you can have some coffee and filtered water but anything else you need to pay extra. Lunches and dinners are 30-50 Q and you can get drinks and snacks ranging from 5 to 25 Q.

► 2) Your second option is that you book a whole week or a whole month. And that is with the coliving option (prices quoted for bunkbed / dorm, private at 30% upcharge). You will pay per week 500 Q or 800 Q with co-living. Per month you will pay 1,500 Q and 3,000 Q with co-living. Breakfasts are included, lunch and dinner options 800 / 2,500 Q additionally per week / month. If you want to be able to use the virtual reality system for as much as you like you will have to pay a premium of 1,500 Q week.

► 3) Your third option is to book with other friends and colleagues and call a retreat. If you can book the whole space for up to 12 people we can give you the following rate, per week: 15,000 Q ($2,200US, 1,900€). All services including VR system, groceries, dishes and laundry are included, we take a 20,000 Q deposit that is reimbursed when the keys are returned. As an additional feature to this package, I will put in up to 6h/week of my personal time to give talks, coachings, etc. which by and in itself is a $900 US value by the current going BrainHive fee rate.

► 4) Your fourth option is to book a one-on-one coaching stay with me, the founder and CEO of BrainHive, during which you work on a specific problem. I will dedicate to you 12 hours every week of my personal time to work on your problem, which regularly would be a $1,800 US ticket. The price of this package is 8,000 Q per week, coliving is obligatory for this package.


Make Your Business Dreams Come True at JungleLab Coworking Panajachel

You always wanted to get a certain thing done while you were on the road developing your business as a digital nomad or you are already a successful digital enterpreneur and finally seek to overcome a specific challenge that’s been keeping you? At Junglelab, you can create whatever you want, inexpensively and joyfully.

At our coworking space you will experience the full freedom of being able to look at whatever you want to work with and find the proper tools and mentorship as well as time and inspiration to get things done. At the lake we have many progressive thinkers of the impact sphere and there are opportunities to do ceremonies that will bring your mind in contact with certain shamanic agents that we have here in the jungle and that will boost your creativity and ability to imagine wildly.

The full combination with untouched nature and beautiful climate as well as original organic foods and good times will do the rest to assure that you will have an excellent stay with us. Becoming part of something bigger is very easy here at the lake, and many people I think they are only going to stay a few days and end up building their own project here.

Especially during the high season from October to April it is easy to rub shoulders with some of the most prolific movers and shakers of the permaculture, Bhakti-Shakti and sustainability movement. Therefore there is always enough to stimulate your interest. There are also ample cultural, start-up and science events in the nearby cities of Antigua, Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango which are also always worth a little peekaboo if you get antsy on long weekends.

I can only speak from my personal opinion when I say that this place here is the most beautiful place I have known in the entire world. I have traveled though for a good eight years very extensively as a digital nomad through the most beautiful places that most people will agree are the most beautiful places in the world and therefore it is perhaps not just some very subjective judgment.

Also many famous people have spent time at the lake and have loved it beyond any other place that they have come to know. It is therefore only consequential for me to open up a business here at Atitlan and the business I chose was a coworking space since that was another dream of mine. I truly hope that many seekers with entrepreneurial ambitions will find this offering and will also find their path to this marvelous location. Where all our indigenous human nature is still so very present and we can build the creations that we always knew we would build, when our spirit is happy, free and feeling.

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