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ERP Software Startup Business Plan Sample

[ERP SOFTWARE BUSINESS PLAN COMPANY] is a tech start-up established in early XXXX in Germany. The company focuses on standardization of product data…
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Eco Event Planning: How Rainbow Gatherings are Organized

Eco Event Planning for Offgrid Gatherings / Festivals In this post, guest author Lucya Lalita Kostiw is writing about how no-tech eco events…
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BrainHive on Quora: Giving Free Advice to the Community

Since BrainHive joined Quora roughly 3 years ago, we have posted dozens of very popular answers and come to lead certain threads in…
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Update: BrainHive’s Social Impact Work in Guatemala

Impact Business Planning and Social Sustainability Through Culture and Technology Two years have passed since BrainHive set up base in Guatemala, at the…
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